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    BOSCH 0258006027 ,LS6027
    • BOSCH 0258006027 ,LS6027

    BOSCH 0258006027

    $ 48.06

    Oxygen-Lambda Sensor 565 mm ,

    1628.HN ,4677.80 ,96229975 ,963597858 ,9635978580 ,LS6027 ,


    Made in GERMANY
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    • Superseded Part Number: 0258986615 ,0 258 986 615 ,LS6027 ,
    • Number of Connectors: 4
    • Number of Wires: 4
    • Length [MM]: 565

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    Exhaust Gas Oxygen-Lambda Sensor ,

    o2 sensor .


    Number of ports: 4 ,

    Cable Length: 565 mm ,

    Voltage: 12 V ,


    The oxygen sensor is downstream of the catalytic converter in the exhaust gas stream where it measures the remaining oxygen content of the exhaust emissions and informs the ECU (engine control unit) accordingly. The installation position of the oxygen sensor varies depending on make and model and whether the car’s exhaust system is a V-type or in-line engine model. Many new car models have a second oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter in addition to the one in front of it. The oxygen sensor in front of the catalytic converter is a control sensor that supports the ECU with the regulation of the fuel-air mixture composition in a closed loop configuration. The oxygen sensor after the catalytic converter is a diagnostic sensor which monitors the efficiency of the converter.


    Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0258006027 :   

    CITROEN 1628.HN ,4677.80 ,1628HN ,467780 ,96229975 ,
    FIAT PGC9635978 ,PGC9635978580 ,PSA9635978 ,PSA9635978580 ,0963597858 ,09635978580 ,963597858 ,9635978580 ,
    LANCIA 9635978580 ,
    PEUGEOT 1628.HN ,4677.80 ,1628HN ,467780 ,96229975 ,9635978580 ,
    PININFARINA PSA9635978580 ,
    RENAULT 9635978580 ,
    DELPHI ES10797-12B1 ,
    DENSO DOX-2005 ,DOX2005 ,
    ERA 570054 ,
    FAE 77283 ,
    FEBI BILSTEIN 26172 ,
    INTERMOTOR 64266 ,64195 ,
    LUCAS LEB742 ,
    MEAT & DORIA 81091 ,
    NGK 0378 ,OZA659-EE4 ,
    TOPRAN 722623 ,722623756 ,
    TRISCAN 884510008 ,
    VDO A2C59513173Z ,
    VEMO V42-76-0004 ,
    !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

    The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

    You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.

    Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 

    If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

    If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


    Exhaust Gas Sensor ,Oxygen Sensor ,Lambda Sensor ,o2 sensor ,

    Abgassensor, Sauerstoff-Sensor, Lambdasonde,

    Capteur de gaz d'échappement, capteur d'oxygène, Sonde lambda,

    Scarico sensore del gas, sensore di ossigeno,sensore di lambda,

    Extintor sensor de gas, sensor de oxígeno, Sonda Lambda,

    Exaustor sensor de gás, sensor de oxigênio, Sonda Lambda,

    Pakokaasun anturi, happi Sensorin, Lambda-anturi,

    Keen sentsore, Oxygen sentsore, Lambda Sensor,

    Extintor sensor de gas, sensor d'oxigen, Sonda Lambda,

    Avgasgivare , Lambdasond ,

    Eksosgass Sensor , Lambda Sensor ,

    Udstødningsgas Sensor ,Lambdasonde ,

    Uitlaatgassensor, zuurstofsensor, lambdasonde,

    Útblásturslofti Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Lambda skynjara,

    Sceite Gáis Braiteoir, Ocsaigin Braiteoir, Lambda Braiteoir,

    Gwacáu nwy Synhwyrydd, Synhwyrydd Ocsigen, Lambda Synhwyrydd,

    Izplūdes gāzu devējs, skābekļa sensors, lambda zonde,

    Išmetamųjų dujų jutiklis, deguonies jutiklis, lambda jutiklis,

    Heitgaaside sensor, hapniku andur, lambda andur,

    Układ wydechowy czujnik gazu, czujnik tlenu Lambda Sensor,

    Evacuare Senzor gaz, senzorului de oxigen, Lambda senzor,

    Výfukových plynov, senzor, kyslíkový, lambda sonda,

    Izpušnih plinov, senzor, Oxygen Sensor, lambda sonde,

    Gaz Sensörü, Oksijen Sensörü, Lambda Sensörü Egzoz ,

    Výfukových plynů, senzor, kyslíkový, lambda sonda,

    Shkarkimit të gazit sensor, sensor oksigjenit, Lambda sensor,

    Qaz Sensor, oksigen sensor, Lambda Sensor Exhaust ,

    Ispušnih plinova senzor, kisik senzor, Lambda senzora,Füstgáz érzékelő, lambda szonda, Lambda-érzékelő,

    Exhaust Gas Sensor, ossiġnu Sensor, Lambda Sensor,

    Itilize gaz sensor, Sensor Oksijèn, LAMBDA sensor,

    Exhaust Gas Sensor, Sensor Oksigen, Lambda Sensor,

    استنفاد الاستشعار الغاز، الأوكسجين الاستشعار، لامبدا الاستشعار،

    Սպառել գազի ցուցիչ, թթվածնի ցուցիչ, lambda ցուցիչ,




    გამონაბოლქვი გაზის სენსორი, ჟანგბადის სენსორი, ლამბდა სენსორი,

    Καυσαερίων αισθητήρα, αισθητήρα οξυγόνου, αισθητήρα λάμδα,

    למצות גז חיישן, חיישן חמצן, חיישן למבדה,

    ויסמאַטערן גאַז סענסאָר, זויערשטאָף סענסאָר, לאַמבדאַ סענסאָר,

    , गैस सेंसर, ऑक्सीजन सेंसर, लैम्ब्डा सेंसर निकास

    , 가스 센서, 산소 센서, 람다 센서를 배기 ,

    เซนเซอร์เซนเซอร์ออกซิเจน, แลมบ์ดาเซนเซอร์ ,

    Вихлопних газів, датчик, датчик кисню, датчик лямбда,

    Выхлапных газаў, датчык, датчык кіслароду, датчык лямбда,

    Выхлопных газов, датчик, датчик кислорода, датчик лямбда,

    Издувен гас сензор, сензор за кислород, Ламбда сензор,

    Издувних гасова Сенсор, Окиген Сенсор, ламбда сензор,

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    57 Items

    Data sheet

    Manufacturer Part Number
    Reference OE/OEM Number
    96229975 ,963597858 ,9635978580 ,
    Superseded Part Number
    0258986615 ,0 258 986 615 ,LS6027 ,
    Other Part Number
    81091 ,0893005 ,0378 ,OZA659-EE4 ,
    Fits for Vehicles
    Number of Connectors
    Number of Wires
    Length [MM]
    Unit Type
    Brand Type
    Aftermarket Branded
    Country/Region of Manufacture

    Specific References


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    BOSCH 0258006027

    Oxygen-Lambda Sensor 565 mm ,

    1628.HN ,4677.80 ,96229975 ,963597858 ,9635978580 ,LS6027 ,


    Made in GERMANY
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    PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5) 1.610.00-05.0172981587
    PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-05.01811101761
    PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-07.01821121761
    PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5) 1.610.00-04.0272981587
    PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-07.01821121761
    PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-04.02811101761
    PEUGEOT 306 Convertible (7D, N3, N5) 1.610.00-04.0272981587
    PEUGEOT 306 Convertible (7D, N3, N5) 1.8 16V05.97-04.02811101761
    PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5) 1.610.00-05.0172981587
    PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-10.03821121761
    PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5) 1.8 16V03.97-05.01811101761
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    PEUGEOT 307 Break (3E) 1.6 16V03.02-04.08801091587
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    PEUGEOT 406 (8B) 3.012.99-06.041502042946
    PEUGEOT 406 (8B) 3.0 V603.00-05.041522072946
    PEUGEOT 406 Break (8E/F) 2.0 16V01.99-10.00991351997
    PEUGEOT 406 Break (8E/F) 3.0 V603.00-10.041522072946
    PEUGEOT 406 Coupe (8C) 2.0 16V01.99-10.00991351997
    PEUGEOT 406 Coupe (8C) 3.0 V603.99-06.011542102946
    PEUGEOT 406 Coupe (8C) 3.0 V603.00-12.041522072946
    PEUGEOT 407 (6D_) 3.003.04-12.101552112946
    PEUGEOT 407 Coupe (6C_) 3.0 V610.05-1552112946
    PEUGEOT 407 SW (6E_) 3.005.04-12.101552112946
    PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U) 3.0 V6 24V03.04-07.111552112946
    PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U) 3.0 V6 24V02.00-07.041522072946
    PEUGEOT 807 (EB_) 3.0 V606.02-1502042946
    PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (244, Z_) 2.004.02-811101998
    PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_) 2.012.01-04.02811101998
    PEUGEOT BOXER Van (244) 2.004.02-811101998
    PEUGEOT PARTNER Box Body/MPV (5_, G_) 1.406.96-12.1555751360
    PEUGEOT PARTNER Box Body/MPV (5_, G_) 1.609.00-10.02801091587
    PEUGEOT PARTNER MPV (5_, G_) 1.106.96-10.0244601124
    PEUGEOT PARTNER MPV (5_, G_) 1.6 16V07.01-03.08801091587
    PEUGEOT PARTNER MPV (5_, G_) 1.6 16V09.00-12.15811101587