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Best Seller Products
BOSCH 0281006059 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP
$ 22.90Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0281006060
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Additional Info: Pressure [kPA]: from 50 to 400
  • Integrated Temp. Sensor: Yes
BOSCH 0261545055 ,0261545030 ,Fuel Pressure Sensor 
$ 28.90Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0261545030 ,0 261 545 030
  • Thread: M10x1.0
BOSCH 0281006051 ,0281006052 Intake manifold air pressure sensor (MAP) ,
$ 31.55Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0281006052 ,0 281 006 052
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Additional Info: Measuring range : 0.5bar - 4.0bar (50.0kPa - 400kPa)
  • Integrated Temp. Sensor: Yes
BOSCH 0281006028BOSCH 0281006028
$ 21.37Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0281006029 ,0261230313
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Integrated Temp. Sensor: Yes
Latest Products
BOSCH F00HL00394 Oxygen-Lambda Sensor 
$ 82.84Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0986AG2221 ,LS 50394
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Number of Wires: 4
  • Length [MM]: 775
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
FACET 10.3414 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP 
$ 43.76Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 493414 ,
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Additional Info: Pressure Range: 10 To 121,4 Kpa
  • Integrated Temp. Sensor: Yes
Original BOSCH 0280130039 Intake Air Temperature Sensor 
-PARTSBOS-BOSCH 0280130039
$ 21.98Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 280130039 ,0 280 130 039 ,
  • Fits for Vehicles: AUDI ,BMW ,FIAT ,GM ,HONDA ,LR ,OPEL ,VAG,
  • Number of Connectors: 2
BOSCH 0258986756 Oxygen-Lambda Sensor 
$ 84.87Price
  • Superseded Part Number: 0258986745
  • Number of Connectors: 4
  • Number of Wires: 4
  • Length [MM]: 000

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