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      BOSCH 0281002497

      $ 220.45

      Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor ,

      13537787167 ,13577787167 ,

      Vehicle: BMW

      Made in GERMANY

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      Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor 1800bar.


      Technical data:

      Pressure-sensor type: RDS3 ,

      Pressure range bar : 1800 ,


      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0281002497 : 

      BOSCH 0281002497 ,
      BMW 13537787167 ,
      BMW 13577787167 ,
      FISPA 81.095 ,
      HOFFER 8029209 ,
      MEAT & DORIA 9209 ,
      !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

      The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

      You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.

      Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 

      If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


      Can be used in car models : 
      Car Manufactured KW HP cc3Body Type
      BMW 1 (E81, E87) 118d09.2004-901221995Hatchback
      BMW 1 (E81, E87) 120d09.2004-1201631995Hatchback
      BMW 3 (E46) 318 d03/2003 - 02/2005851161995Saloon
      BMW 3 (E46) 320 d09/2001 - 02/20051101501995Saloon
      BMW 3 (E46) 330 d03/2003 - 02/20051502042993Saloon
      BMW 3 (E46) 330 xd03/2003 - 02/20051502042993Saloon
      BMW 3 (E90) 318d09.2005-901221995Saloon
      BMW 3 (E90) 320d01.2005-1201631995Saloon
      BMW 3 (E90) 320d09.2005-1101501995Saloon
      BMW 3 (E90) 330d09.2005-1702312993Saloon
      BMW 3 (E90) 330xd09.2005-1702312993Saloon
      BMW 3 Compact (E46) 318 td03/2003 - 02/2005851151995Hatchback
      BMW 3 Compact (E46) 320 td09/2001 - 02/20051101501995Hatchback
      BMW 3 Convertible (E46) 320 Cd02.2005-1101501995Convertible
      BMW 3 Convertible (E46) 330 Cd08.2005-1502042993Convertible
      BMW 3 Convertible (E93) 330d03.2007-1702312993Convertible
      BMW 3 Coupe (E46) 320 Cd11.2003-1101501995Coupe
      BMW 3 Coupe (E46) 330 Cd03.2003-1502042993Coupe
      BMW 3 Touring (E46) 318 d03/2003 - 02/2005851161995Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E46) 320 d09/2001 - 02/20051101501995Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E46) 330 d03/2003 - 02/20051502042993Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E46) 330 xd03/2003 - 02/20051502042993Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E91) 318d09.2005-901221995Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E91) 320d09.2005-1201631995Estate
      BMW 3 Touring (E91) 320d09.2005-1101501995Estate
      BMW 3-SERIES COUPE (E92), 325d03.2007 -1451972993Coupe
      BMW 3-SERIES COUPE (E92), 330d , 330xd09.2006 -1702312993Coupe
      BMW 3-SERIES COUPE (E92), 335d09.2006 -2102862993Coupe
      BMW 3-SERIES CONVERTIBLE (E93), 325d03.2007 -1451972993Convertible
      BMW 3-SERIES CONVERTIBLE (E93), 330d03.2007 -1702312993Convertible
      BMW 5 (E60) 520d09.2005-1101501995Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 520d07.2005-1201631995Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 525d06.2004-1301772497Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 525d12.2004-1201632497Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 530d07.2003-1602182993Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 530d07.2003-1702312993Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 530xd07.2005-1702312993Saloon
      BMW 5 (E60) 535d09.2004-2002722993Saloon
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 520d09.2005-1101501995Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 520d07.2005-1201631995Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 525d06.2004-1301772497Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 525d12.2004-1201632497Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 530d06.2004-1602182993Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 530d07.2005-1702312993Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 530xd07.2005-1702312993Estate
      BMW 5 Touring (E61) 535d09.2004-2002722993Estate
      BMW 7 (E65, E66) 730 d10.2002-1602182993Saloon
      BMW 7 (E65, E66) 730 Ld07.2005-1702312993Saloon
      BMW 7 (E65, E66) 740 d10.2002-1902583901Saloon
      BMW X3 (E83), 2.0d10.2004 -1101501995Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), 3.0d01.2004 -1502042993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), 3.0d01.2004 -1602182993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), xDrive 3.0d09.2008 -1552112993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), xDrive 3.0d09.2008 -1602182993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), 3.0sd09.2006 -2102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X3 (E83), xDrive 3.5d09.2008 -2102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW X5 (E53) 3.0 d12.2003-1602182993Closed Off-Road
      BMW, X5 (E70), 3.0 d02.2007 – 09.20081552112993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X5 (E70), 3.0 d03.2007 - 09.20081732352993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X5 (E70), xDrive 30 d09.2008-1732352993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X5 (E70), 3.0 sd09.2007 – 09.20082102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X5 (E70), xDrive 35 d09.2008-2102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X6 (E71), 30 d ,xDrive 30 d09.2008-1732352993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X6 (E71), 35 d09.2008-2102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle
      BMW, X6 (E71), xDrive 35 d09.2008-2102862993Closed Off-Road Vehicle


      BOSCH 0281002497 

      Fuel pressure sensor ,CR SYSTEM ,
      Kraftstoff Drucksensor ,Kraftstoffdrucksensor ,
      Сензор Гориво налягане ,
      Paliva Snímač tlaku ,
      Brændstof tryksensor ,
      Capteur de pression de carburant,système CR ,
      Brandstofdruksensor ,CR-systeem ,
      Gorivo senzor tlaka ,CR sustav ,
      Eldsneyti þrýstingur skynjari,CR kerfi ,
      Sensore di pressione carburante,sistema CR ,
      燃料圧力センサ,CRシステム ,
      Fuel trykksensor ,Drivstofftrykk Sensor bränsletryck ,
      Czujnik ciśnienia paliwa ,
      Sensor de pressão de combustível ,
      Senzorul de presiune a combustibilului,CR sistem ,
      Palivá Snímač tlaku,systém CR ,
      Pritisk goriva senzor ,
      Polttoaineen paine-anturi ,Polttoaine paine tunnistin,CR-järjestelmä ,
      Sensor de presión de combustible,sistema de CR ,
      Датчик тиску палива,CR система ,
      Üzemanyag nyomás érzékelő,CR rendszer ,
      Bränsle trycksensor,CR-system ,
      საწვავის წნევის სენსორი,CR სისტემა ,
      Αισθητήρα πίεσης καυσίμου,CR σύστημα ,
      Датчик давления топлива ,
      חיישן לחץ דלק,ברענוואַרג דרוק סענסער,

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      98 Items

      Data sheet

      Manufacturer Part Number
      Reference OE/OEM Number
      13537787167 ,13577787167 ,
      Fits for Vehicles
      Number of Connectors
      Weight [kg]
      Brand Type
      Aftermarket Branded
      Country/Region of Manufacture

      Specific References



      ​May fits for other, not listed, Vehicles-Models


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      BOSCH 0281002497

      Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor ,

      13537787167 ,13577787167 ,

      Vehicle: BMW

      Made in GERMANY

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