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HOFFER 7517130
  • HOFFER 7517130
  • HOFFER 7517130
  • HOFFER 7517130
  • HOFFER 7517130

HOFFER 7517130

$ 22.21

Crankshaft RPM Sensor ,

OE :0986280482 ,06A906433B ,037906433C ,037906433B ,037906433A ,7517130 ,


Made in ITALY

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Crankshaft Position Sensor.

Crankshaft RPM pulse sensor. 


Number of Poles 3 terminals 
Connector Shape Rectangular 
Cable Length [mm] 585 mm 
Number of mounting bores
Sensor Type Hall Sensor 
Fitting Depth [mm] 24 mm 



   The crankshaft sensor measures the rotational speed of the motor. It consists of a permanent magnet and an induction coil with a soft-iron core. A gear rim is fitted to the fly wheel as a pulse transmitter. There is only a small air gap between the inductive transmitter and the gear rim.

  The magnetic flow through the coil depends on whether there is a gap or a gear tooth opposite the sensor. A gear tooth will focus the magnet‘s leakage flux while a gap reduces the magnetic flux. As the fly wheel and thus the gear rim rotates, each individual gear tooth causes a change in the magnetic field. These changes in the magnetic field create induction voltage inside the coil.

  The rotational speed of the fly wheel can be measured by the number of impulses per time unit. Deliberate gaps in the gear rim enable the control unit to detect the current position of the motor as well. The motor‘s rotational speed is the main control factor for determining the mixture and for ignition advance.


Analogous, Fully interchangeable with HOFFER 7517130 :   

Part Manufacturer Part Number :
AUDI 037906433A ,037906433B ,037906433C ,06A906433B ,
SEAT 037906433A ,037906433B ,037906433C ,
SKODA 037 906 433A ,037 906 433B ,037 906 433C ,06A 906 433B ,
VW 037 906 433 A ,037 906 433 B ,037 906 433 C ,06A 906 433 B ,
Parts BOS P42083 ,
Alternative p.n : 51566 ,54900 ,AS4119 ,CSS309 ,CS0325 ,SS10810 ,550108 ,9.0082 ,79103 ,24508 ,83.010 ,6PU009163-761 ,6PU 009 163-761 ,137397 ,7517130 ,1193700500 ,SEB474 ,064848118010 ,SAG118 ,87130 ,0902021 ,114 899 0004 ,1148990004 ,MPS0014 ,CS-E015 ,81298 ,CHC3-A299 ,XREV323 ,18860 ,111366 ,111 366 ,254038 ,S103957001Z ,V10-72-0905 ,
!!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.

Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 

If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


HOFFER 7517130 ,

Crankshaft pulse sensor,

Crankshaft RPM sensor ,

Ignition pulse sensor ,

Kurbelwellensensor ,

RPM Sensor ,

Sensor Crankshaft,

Snímač postavení klikového hřídele,

Snímač postavenie kľukového hriadeľa,

Motorne gredi senzor ,

Főtengely érzékelő,

Krumtapakslen sensor,


Väntvõlli andur,

Kampiakselin anturi,

Sveifarás skynjara,

Capteur de vilebrequin,

Sensore albero motore,

Veivaksel sensor,


Czujnik wału korbowego,

Sensor de virabrequim,

Senzorul arborelui cotit,

Sensor del cigüeñal,

Synhwyrydd crankshaft,

Sensor del cigonyal,

Коляновия вал сензор,

Radilice senzor,

Senzor radilice,

Alkūninis velenas jutiklis,

Krank mili sensörü,

Αισθητήρα στροφαλοφόρου άξονα,

חיישן גל ארכובה,

קראַנקשאַפט סענסער,


크랭크 샤프트 센서,

Сензор радилице,

Датчык становішча каленчатага вала,

Датчик положення колінчастого валу,

Датчик положения коленчатого вала,


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Data sheet

Manufacturer Part Number
Reference OE/OEM Number
037906433A ,037906433B ,037906433C ,06A906433B
Superseded Part Number
Other Part Number
6PU009163-761 ,137397 ,7517130 ,18860 ,1193700500
9.0082 ,79103 ,24508 ,83.010 ,6PU009121-601
114 899 0004 ,MPS0014 ,111366 ,111366755
254038 ,V10-72-0905 ,235-2181
0986280482 ,0 986 280 482 ,60198 ,SS10810 ,550108
CS0325 ,090650761 ,51566 ,54900 ,AS4119
SEB474 ,064848118010 ,SAG118 ,87130 ,0902021
Fits for Vehicles
Number of Connectors
Unit Type
Brand Type
Aftermarket Branded
Warranty Period
1 Year
Country/Region of Manufacture

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HOFFER 7517130

Crankshaft RPM Sensor ,

OE :0986280482 ,06A906433B ,037906433C ,037906433B ,037906433A ,7517130 ,


Made in ITALY

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