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      FAE 33335

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      Coolant Temperature Sensor 

      OE #: 05269870AB ,5269870AB ,K05269870AB ,33335 

      Vehicle: CHRYSLER ,DODGE ,JEEP 

      Made in SPAIN

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      Engine coolant temperature sensor

      ECT Sensor .

      Number of ports: 2
      Thread: Outer 3/8"x18
      An ECT sensor, or Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is a sensor that is screwed into the engine's block or cylinder head and is used to determine the temperature of the engine coolant. The ECT sensor is basically a thermistor that changes resistance with temperature.

      FAE 33335 Can be used in car models: 

      CHRYSLER 300 M (LR) 2.7 V6 24V11.1998-08.20001492032736
      CHRYSLER 300 M (LR) 2.7 V6 24V08.2000-09.20041502042736
      CHRYSLER 300 M (LR) 3.5 V6 24V08.2000-09.20041852523518
      CHRYSLER 300 M (LR) 3.5 V6 24V07.1998-08.20001872543518
      CHRYSLER NEON II 1.611.2001-12.2006851161598
      CHRYSLER NEON II 2.0 16V10.2002-12.2006971311996
      CHRYSLER NEON II 2.0 16V08.1999-12.2006981331996
      CHRYSLER NEON II 2.0 16V R/T10.2001-12.20061101501996
      CHRYSLER PACIFICA 3.508.2003-09.20081862533518
      CHRYSLER PACIFICA 3.5 AWD08.2003-09.20081862533518
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 1.611.2001-12.2010851161598
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.006.2000-12.20101041411996
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.2 CRD03.2002-12.2010891212148
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.2 CRD08.2005-12.20101101502148
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.406.2000-12.20101101502429
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.408.2005-12.20101051432429
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) GT 2.408.2003-12.20101642232429
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.403.2004-03.20081051432429
      CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.4 GT03.2004-03.20081642232429
      CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.004.2001-06.20071041411996
      CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.404.2001-06.20071121522429
      CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.7 V6 24V04.2001-06.20071492032736
      CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.004.2001-06.20071041411996
      CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.404.2001-06.20071121522429
      CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.7 V6 24V04.2001-06.20071492032736
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER I (AS) 3.310.1989-09.19901121523301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER II (ES) 3.3 i08.1990-09.19951101503301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER II (ES) 3.3 i08.1990-09.19951201633301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER II (ES) 3.3 i AWD08.1990-09.19951201633301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER II (ES) 3.3 i AWD08.1990-09.19951101503301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER III (GS) 2.4 i01.1995-03.20011111512429
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER III (GS) 3.3 i01.1995-03.20011161583301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER III (GS) 3.8 i AWD01.1995-03.20011221663778
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER III (GS) 3.8 i AWD01.1995-03.20011311783778
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 2.402.2000-12.20081081472429
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 2.5 CRD08.2005-12.2008881202499
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 2.5 CRD02.2000-12.20081051412499
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 2.8 CRD06.2004-12.20081101502776
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.302.2000-12.20081281743301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.3 AWD02.2000-12.20081281743301
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.802.2000-12.20081602183778
      CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.8 AWD02.2000-12.20081602183778
      DODGE AVENGER 2.406.2007-1291752360
      DODGE AVENGER 2.406.2007-1251702360
      DODGE AVENGER 2.706.2007-1371862736
      DODGE CHARGER 2.704.2006-12.20101411922736
      DODGE NEON 2.0 16V05.1994-08.1999981331996
      DODGE NEON II 2.0 16V08.1999-981331996
      DODGE NEON II 2.0 16V08.1999-1121521996
      DODGE NITRO 2.8 CRD06.2007-1301772777
      DODGE NITRO 2.8 CRD 4WD06.2007-1301772777
      DODGE VIPER Coupe SRT-1001.2008-4506128360
      DODGE VIPER Coupe SRT-1001.2003-3725068285
      JEEP COMMANDER (XK) 3.0 CRD04.2006-12.20101602182987
      JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE III (WH, WK) 3.0 CRD 4x406.2005-12.20101602182987
      JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 2.8 CRD04.2007-1301772777
      JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.804.2007-1461993778

      !!! May fit other makes / Models not listed !!!  

      Analogous, Fully compatible with FAE33335 :

      CHRYSLER 5269870 AB ,05269870AB ,5269870AB ,
      DODGE 5269870 AB ,05269870AB ,5269870AB ,
      FIAT , LANCIA 105269870AB ,K05269870AB ,
      JEEP 5269870AB ,

      INTERMOTOR 55552 ,
      LUCAS SNB1161 ,
      MEAT & DORIA 82401 ,
      METZGER 0905325 ,
      VEMO V33-72-0001 ,



      Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering. 
      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


      FAE 33335 

      Coolant Temperature sensor ,
      Kühlmitteltemperatur-Sensor ,
      Датчик температурата на охлаждащата течност ,
      Senzor temperature rashladnog sredstva ,
      Snímač teploty chladicí kapaliny ,
      Kølevæsketemperatur-sensor ,
      Koelvloeistof temperatuursensor ,
      Jäähdytysnesteen lämpötila-anturi ,
      Capteur de température du liquide de refroidissement ,
      Hűtőfolyadék hőmérséklet-érzékelő ,
      Kælivökva hitaskynjara ,
      Braiteoir teocht chuisnithe ,
      Sensore di temperatura del liquido di raffreddamento ,
      Sensor temperatura tal-coolant ,
      Kjølevæske temperatursensor ,
      Czujnik temperatury płynu chłodzącego ,
      Sensor de temperatura de refrigeração ,
      Senzor de temperatură a lichidului de răcire ,
      Sensor de temperatura del refrigerante ,
      Сензор температуре расхладне течности ,
      Snímač teploty chladiacej kvapaliny ,
      Senzor temperature hladilne tekočine ,
      Kylvätska temperaturgivare ,
      Soğutma suyu sıcaklığı sensörü ,
      Soğutucu temperatur sensor ,
      Датчик температуры охлаждающей жидкости ,
      Датчык тэмпературы астуджальнай вадкасці ,
      Течност за ладење температурен сензор ,
      Датчик температури охолоджуючої рідини ,
      Αισθητήρα θερμοκρασίας ψυκτικού ,
      გამაგრილებლის ტემპერატურის სენსორი.
      냉각수 온도 센서 ,

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      99 Items

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      FAE 33335

      Coolant Temperature Sensor 

      OE #: 05269870AB ,5269870AB ,K05269870AB ,33335 

      Vehicle: CHRYSLER ,DODGE ,JEEP 

      Made in SPAIN

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