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      ERA 550284

      $ 25.63

      Knock sensor 

      OE #: 96253545 ,4805506 ,550284 


      Made in ITALY

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      Knock sensor ,

      Detonation sensor


      Terminals: 2
      Cable lenght: 350mm
      Inner Diameter (mm): 8
      TYPE: KS-4-S


      ERA 550284 Can be used in car models: 

      CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T250, T255) 1.204.2008-55751206
      CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T250, T255) 1.210.2008-53721150
      CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T250, T255) 1.204.2008-62841206
      CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T250, T255) 1.2 LPG04.2008-62841206
      CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T250, T255) 1.203.2006-12.200753721150
      CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T250, T255) 1.201.2008-55751206
      CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T250, T255) 1.201.2008-62841206
      CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T250, T255) 1.403.2006-12.200769941399
      CHEVROLET AVEO Saloon (T250, T255) 1.505.2005-62841498
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.412.2006-1031402405
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.406.2006-1001362405
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.4 4WD06.2006-1001362405
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.4 4WD12.2006-1031402405
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.4 LPG01.2007-1001362405
      CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) 2.4 LPG 4WD01.2007-1001362405
      CHEVROLET CRUZE (J300) 1.605.2009-801091598
      CHEVROLET CRUZE Hatchback (J305) 1.601.2012-801091598
      CHEVROLET EPICA (KL1_) 2.006.2006-1051441993
      CHEVROLET EPICA (KL1_) 2.001.2005-12.2006941281998
      CHEVROLET EPICA (KL1_) 2.001.2005-12.2006981331998
      CHEVROLET EPICA (KL1_) 2.506.2006-1151562492
      CHEVROLET EVANDA 2.003.2005-961311998
      CHEVROLET KALOS 1.203.2005-53721150
      CHEVROLET KALOS 1.403.2005-61831399
      CHEVROLET KALOS 1.4 16V03.2005-69941399
      CHEVROLET KALOS Saloon 1.203.2005-53721150
      CHEVROLET KALOS Saloon 1.403.2005-61831399
      CHEVROLET KALOS Saloon 1.4 16V03.2005-69941399
      CHEVROLET LACETTI (J200) 1.4 16V03.2005-70951399
      CHEVROLET LACETTI (J200) 1.603.2005-801091598
      CHEVROLET LACETTI (J200) 1.808.2005-891211796
      CHEVROLET LACETTI (J200) 1.803.2005-901221799
      CHEVROLET MATIZ (M200, M250) 0.803.2005-3852796
      CHEVROLET MATIZ (M200, M250) 0.8 LPG03.2005-3852796
      CHEVROLET MATIZ (M200, M250) 1.003.2005-4967995
      CHEVROLET MATIZ (M200, M250) 1.003.2005-4764995
      CHEVROLET MATIZ (M200, M250) 1.0 LPG03.2005-4967995
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Estate 1.603.2005-801091598
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Estate 1.803.2005-901221799
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Estate 1.808.2005-891211796
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Saloon 1.401.2005-69941399
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Saloon 1.401.2006-70951399
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Saloon 1.603.2005-801091598
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Saloon 1.803.2005-901221799
      CHEVROLET NUBIRA Saloon 1.801.2006-891211796
      CHEVROLET OPTRA (1J_) 1.608.2003-12.2008801091598
      CHEVROLET OPTRA (1J_) 1.808.2003-12.2008901221799
      CHEVROLET REZZO 1.603.2005-771051598
      CHEVROLET REZZO 1.608.2005-791071598
      CHEVROLET REZZO 2.003.2005-891211998
      CHEVROLET REZZO 2.008.2005-901221998
      CHEVROLET SPARK (M300) 1.003.2010-5068995
      CHEVROLET SPARK (M300) 1.0 LPG03.2010-5068995
      CHEVROLET SPARK (M300) 1.203.2010-60821206
      CHEVROLET SPARK (M300) 1.2 LPG03.2010-60821206
      CHEVROLET SPARK 0.809.2000-12.20043852796
      CHEVROLET SPARK 0.805.2005-3750796
      CHEVROLET SPARK 1.0 SX05.2005-4967995
      CHEVROLET SPARK 1.0 SX05.2005-4663995
      DAEWOO EVANDA (KLAL) 2.008.2002-961311998
      DAEWOO KALOS (KLAS) 1.204.2003-53721150
      DAEWOO LACETTI Hatchback (KLAN) 1.402.2004-70951399
      DAEWOO LACETTI Hatchback (KLAN) 1.602.2004-801091598
      DAEWOO LACETTI Hatchback (KLAN) 1.802.2004-901221799
      DAEWOO LANOS (KLAT) 1.405.1997-55751349
      DAEWOO LANOS (KLAT) 1.505.1997-63861498
      DAEWOO LANOS (KLAT) 1.6 16V05.1997-781061598
      DAEWOO LANOS Saloon (KLAT) 1.405.1997-55751349
      DAEWOO LANOS Saloon (KLAT) 1.505.1997-63861498
      DAEWOO LANOS Saloon (KLAT) 1.6 16V05.1997-781061598
      DAEWOO LEGANZA (KLAV) 2.0 16V06.1997-12.2002981331998
      DAEWOO LEGANZA (KLAV) 2.0 16V07.2000-04.2004931261998
      DAEWOO LEGANZA (KLAV) 2.2 16V04.1999-12.20021001362198
      DAEWOO MATIZ (KLYA) 0.809.1998-3852796
      DAEWOO MATIZ (KLYA) 1.001.2003-4764995
      DAEWOO NUBIRA (KLAJ) 1.6 16V05.1997-781061598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA (KLAJ) 2.0 16V05.1997-981331998
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAJ) 1.6 16V07.2000-761031598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAJ) 1.6 16V05.1997-781061598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAJ) 2.0 16V12.2000-931261998
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAJ) 2.0 16V05.1997-981331998
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAN) 1.410.2003-12.200469941399
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAN) 1.607.2003-801091598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Saloon (KLAN) 1.807.2003-901221799
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAJ) 1.6 16V12.2000-761031598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAJ) 1.6 16V05.1997-781061598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAJ) 2.0 16V05.1997-981331998
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAJ) 2.0 16V12.2000-931261998
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAN) 1.607.2003-801091598
      DAEWOO NUBIRA Wagon (KLAN) 1.807.2003-901221799
      DAEWOO REZZO (KLAU) 1.609.2000-771051598
      DAEWOO REZZO (KLAU) 1.809.2000-72981761
      DAEWOO REZZO (KLAU) 1.809.2000-67911761
      DAEWOO REZZO (KLAU) 2.009.2001-891211998
      DAEWOO REZZO (KLAU) 2.009.2000-941281998
      OPEL ANTARA 2.409.2008-1031402405
      OPEL ANTARA 2.4 4x401.2007-1031402405

      !!! May fit other makes / Models not listed !!!  

      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with ERA550284  : 

      CHEVROLET 96253545 ,
      DAEWOO 96253545 ,
      GENERAL MOTORS 96 253 545 , ,
      OPEL 48 05 506 ,4805506 ,

      EPS 1 957 052 ,1.957.052 ,1957052 ,
      FACET 9.3052 ,
      FAE 60132 ,
      HELLA 6PG 009 108-661 ,6PG009108-661 ,
      INTERMOTOR 19506 ,
      KW 457 052 ,457052 ,
      MEAT & DORIA 87360 ,
      METZGER 0907013 ,
      VEMO V51-72-0001 ,




      Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering......
      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.....


      ERA 550284 

      Knock sensor ,Engine detonation sensor ,
      Klopfsensor, Motorklopfsensor,
      Détecteur de cliquetis, capteur de détonation du moteur,
      Toc sensore, sensore di detonazione del motore,
      Braiteoir, braiteoir Inneall madhmadh, Cnoc Mhuire
      Bata sensor, sensor de detonação do motor,
      Sensor de detonación, sensor de detonación del motor,
      Knacksensor, motordetonationssensor,
      Knock synhwyrydd, synhwyrydd Engine detonation,
      Knock sensor, Motor detonasjon sensor,
      Knock senzor, detonačné motor senzor,
      Knock senzor, senzor detonacije motorja,
      Knock sensor, Motor detonation sensor,
      Klopsensor, Motor pingelsensor,
      Knock skynjari, vél detonation skynjara,
      Knock sensors, Dzinēja detonācijas sensors,
      Knock daviklis, variklio detonacijos jutiklį,
      Knock sensor, czujnik detonacji silnika,
      Knock senzor, detonační motor senzor,
      Knock sensor, mootori detonatsiooni andur,
      Nakutusanturi, Moottori räjäytystä anturi,
      Kumatok sensor, malakas na putok Engine sensor,
      Knock érzékelő, motor robbanás érzékelő,Knock senzor, senzor de detonație motor,Sensörü, Motor patlama sensörü, Knock
      Knock senzor, senzor motora detonacija,
      Sensor de detonació, sensor de detonació del motor,
      Knock sensor, sensor mesin peledakan,
      Ngalahake sensitif, Engine panjeblugan sensitif,
      Knock sensor, sensor Enjin letupan,
      Knock sensor, sensur detonazzjoni magna,
      爆震傳感器,發動機爆震傳感器,爆震传感器센 ,
      서, 엔진 폭발 센서, 노크 ,
      קלאַפּן סענסאָר, ענגינע דעטאָנאַטיאָן סענסאָר,
      לדפוק חיישן, חיישן פיצוץ מנוע,
      सेंसर, इंजन विस्फोट सेंसर, दस्तक
      تدق الاستشعار، أجهزة الاستشعار محرك التفجير،
      պայթյուն սենսոր,
      ანტიდეტონაციური სენსორი, ძრავის detonation სენსორი,
      έκρηξης του κινητήρα,
      Чукајте сензор, мотор детонација сензор,
      сензор детонације мотор,
      Knock сензор, детонация Engine сензор,
      Датчик детонації, датчик детонації двигуна,
      Датчык дэтанацыі, датчык дэтанацыі рухавіка,
      Датчик детонации двигателя .

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      ERA 550284

      Knock sensor 

      OE #: 96253545 ,4805506 ,550284 


      Made in ITALY

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