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    BOSCH 0280142504

    $ 30.02

    Solenoid Purge Valve 

     0280142505 ,55576071 ,807049 ,


    Made in GERMANY

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    • Superseded Part Number: 0280142505, 0280142505
    • Fits for Vehicles: GMC ,OPEL ,VAUXHALL, GMC ,OPEL ,VAUXHALL
    • Number of Circuits : 2

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    Solenoid Valve ,

     Fuel Tank Breather Valve ,Idle Control Valve ,


    Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0280142504 :

    OE p.n: 

    GMC 55576071 ,

    OPEL 0807049 ,55576071 ,

    VAUXHALL 55576071 ,

    BOSCH 0280142505 ,0 280 142 505 ,


    Alternative p.n :

    8029889 ,V51-77-0093 ,83.1716 ,

    !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!
    • The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.
    • You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.
    • Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 
    • If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.


    If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


    BOSCH 0 280 142 504 

    Electro Pneumatic Valve ,Vapor Canister Purge Valve, Breather Valve ,
    Recirculating Air Valve,Turbo Pressure Converter,
    Boost pressure control valve,Exhaust control pressure transducer,
    Elektropneumatische Ventile,Ladedruck regelventil,
    Ladedruck regelventil ,Abgassteuerungdruckwandler ,Elektroumschaltventile
    Elektro-pneumatiske ventiler,
    Ladetrykk regulatorventil ,Trykkomformer ,
    Electro-pneumatiska ventiler, Tryckomvandlare, avgasreglering ,
    Säätöventtiili ahtopaine ,Painemuunnin, pakokaasun ohjaus ,
    Ladetryksregulatorventil  ,Trykomformer, udstødningsstyring ,
    Valvola wastegate,Convertitore pressione,Controllo gas scarico ,
    Válvula reguladora de admisión ,
    Transductor de presión, control de gases de escape ,
    Válvula reguladora da pressão de sobrealimentação ,
    Transmissor de pressão, controlo dos gases de escape ,
    Treisiú comhla rialú brú,
    Sceite transducer brú a rialú,

    Hwb falf reoli pwysau,
    Exhaust transducer pwysau rheoli,

    Boost soupape de commande de pression,
    Transducteur de pression de commande d'échappemen ,

    Vàlvula de control de pressió de sobrealimentació,
    Transductor de pressió de control d'escapament,

    Boost þrýstingur stjórna loki,
    Útblástur stjórna þrýstingi transducer,

    Boost rõhureguleerventiili,
    Exhaust kontrolli rõhuanduri,

    Poticaj za kontrolu tlaka ventilIspušni kontrola tlaka sonde,
    Tlakový regulační ventil Boost ,Exhaust převodník regulace tlaku,
    Töltőnyomás szabályozó szelep,Kipufogó vezérlő nyomás jeladó,
    Valv ta 'kontroll tal-pressjoni Boost,
    Transducer tal-pressjoni kontroll tal-egżost,
    Zawór regulacyjny ciśnienia doładowania,
    Przetwornik ciśnienia sterującego spalin,
    Boost supapei de control a presiunii,
    Traductor de presiune de control de evacuare,
    Tlakový regulačný ventil Boost ,Exhaust prevodník regulácia tlaku,
    Nadzor tlaka polnilnega ventila,
    Izpušni nadzor zračnega tlaka pretvornik,
    Meningkatkan katup kontrol tekanan,
    Exhaust transduser tekanan kontrol,
    Boost injap kawalan tekanan,
    Ekzos tekanan kawalan transduser,
    دفعة صمام التحكم في الضغط،العادم محول الضغط السيطرة، ,
    Ενισχύστε την βαλβίδα ελέγχου πίεσης,
    Εξάτμισης μετατροπέα πίεσης ελέγχου,
    שסתום בקרת לחץ Boost,מתמר לחץ שליטת פליטה,
    באָאָסט דרוק קאָנטראָל וואַלוו,ויסמאַטערן קאָנטראָל דרוק טראַנסדוסער,
    부스트 압력 제어 밸브,배기 제어 압력 변환기,
    Boost วาล์วควบคุมความดัน,
    Изпускателна датчик за контрол на налягането,
    Зголемете контрола на притисок вентил,
    Издувните контрола на притисок,
    Підвищення клапан регулювання тиску,
    Випускний датчик контролю тиску,
    клапан регулирования давления,

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    55 Items

    Data sheet

    Manufacturer Part Number
    Reference OE/OEM Number
    55576071 ,807049 ,
    Superseded Part Number
    Fits for Vehicles
    Number of Connectors
    Number of Circuits
    Rated Voltage [V]
    Spare Part Type
    Purge Valve
    Country/Region of Manufacture

    Specific References


    CHEVROLET AVEO Hatchback (T300) 1.4 Turbo08.13-1031401364
    CHEVROLET CRUZE (J300) 1.409.10-1031401364
    CHEVROLET CRUZE Hatchback (J305) 1.406.12-1031401364
    CHEVROLET CRUZE Station Wagon (J308) 1.408.12-1031401364
    CHEVROLET ORLANDO (J309) 1.406.12-1031401362
    CHEVROLET TRAX 1.412.12-1031401364
    CHEVROLET TRAX 1.4 AWD12.12-1031401364
    CHEVROLET TRAX 1.4 LPG04.13-1031401364
    OPEL ADAM (M13) 1.4 S11.14-01.191101501364
    OPEL ASTRA J (P10) 1.4 LPG (68)01.12-10.151031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J (P10) 1.4 Turbo (68)10.10-10.15881201364
    OPEL ASTRA J (P10) 1.4 Turbo (68)12.09-10.151031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J GTC 1.4 (08)10.11-881201364
    OPEL ASTRA J GTC 1.4 (08)10.11-1031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J Saloon 1.4 LPG (69)07.14-1031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J Saloon 1.4 Turbo (69)06.12-1031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer (P10) 1.4 LPG (35)12.11-10.151031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer (P10) 1.4 Turbo (35)10.10-10.151031401364
    OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer (P10) 1.4 Turbo (35)10.10-10.15881201364
    OPEL CASCADA (W13) 1.4 (67)04.13-04.18881201364
    OPEL CASCADA (W13) 1.4 Turbo (67)03.13-04.181031401364
    OPEL CORSA E (X15) 1.4 Turbo (08, 68)09.14-06.19741011364
    OPEL CORSA E (X15) 1.4 Turbo (08, 68)03.15-1101501364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A (G09) 1.4 (68)04.11-03.171031401364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A (G09) 1.4 LPG (68)07.12-03.171031401364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A Saloon (G09) 1.4 (69)04.11-03.171031401364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A Saloon (G09) 1.4 LPG (69)07.12-03.171031401364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A Sports Tourer (G09) 1.4 (35)04.11-03.171031401364
    OPEL INSIGNIA A Sports Tourer (G09) 1.4 LPG (35)09.12-03.171031401364
    OPEL MERIVA B MPV (S10) 1.4 (75)06.10-03.171031401364
    OPEL MOKKA / MOKKA X (J13) 1.4 (_76)04.13-1031401364
    OPEL MOKKA / MOKKA X (J13) 1.4 4x4 (_76)06.12-1031401364
    OPEL MOKKA / MOKKA X (J13) 1.4 LPG (_76)04.13-1031401364
    VAUXHALL ADAM (M13) 1.4 S11.14-01.191101501364
    VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) (P10) 1.4 Turbo12.09-10.151031401364
    VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) (P10) 1.4 Turbo08.10-10.15881201364
    VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) Estate (P10) 1.4 Turbo10.10-10.151031401364
    VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) GTC (P10) 1.410.11-10.15881201364
    VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk VI (J) GTC (P10) 1.410.11-10.151031401364
    VAUXHALL CASCADA Convertible (W13) 1.402.13-1031401364
    VAUXHALL CORSA Mk IV (E) (X15) 1.407.15-1101501364
    VAUXHALL CORSA Mk IV (E) (X15) 1.408.14-741011364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Hatchback (G09) 1.4 (68)04.11-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Hatchback (G09) 1.4 LPG (68)07.12-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Saloon (G09) 1.4 (69)04.11-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Saloon (G09) 1.4 LPG (69)07.12-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Sports Tourer (G09) 1.4 (35)04.11-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL INSIGNIA Mk I (A) Sports Tourer (G09) 1.4 LPG (35)07.12-05.171031401364
    VAUXHALL MERIVA Mk II (B) (S10) 1.406.10-1031401364
    VAUXHALL MOKKA / MOKKA X (J13) 1.404.13-1031401364
    VAUXHALL MOKKA / MOKKA X (J13) 1.4 4x406.12-1031401364

    ​May fits for other, not listed, Vehicles-Models


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    BOSCH 0280142504

    Solenoid Purge Valve 

     0280142505 ,55576071 ,807049 ,


    Made in GERMANY

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