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    FAE 33179 Intake Air Temperature Sensor PARTSBOS
    • FAE 33179 Intake Air Temperature Sensor PARTSBOS
    • FAE 33179 Intake Air Temperature Sensor PARTSBOS

    FAE 33179

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    Intake Air Temperature Sensor

    104606487AB ,4606487AA ,4606487AB,


    Made in SPAIN

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    • Manufacturer Part Number: 33179
    • Number of Connectors: 2

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    Intake Air Temperature Sensor ,

    Sender Unit, Intake Manifold Temperature .

    Number of ports: 2 ,


    • The Air Charge , Manifold Temperature sensor is used by the computer to measure air density for fuel mixture control.
    • The computer uses this information to trim the air,fuel ratio according to the air density.

    Analogous, Fully interchangeable with FAE :



    04606487AA ,04606487AB ,104606487AB ,4606487AA ,4606487AB ,


    04606487AB ,104606487AB ,4606487AB ,


    4606487AA ,4606487AB


    04606487AB 104606487AB ,4606487AB ,04606487 AB 104606487 AB ,


    4606487 AA ,4606487 AB ,


    P83010 ,

    Alternative p.n:

    170219 ,AS0065 ,74721015 ,XATS20 ,

    !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

    The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

    You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.

    Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 

    If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

    If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


    FAE 33179 

    Intake Air Temperature sensor ,


    teplota nasávaného vzduchu senzor,

    indsugningsluftens temperatur sensor,


    imuilman lämpötila-anturi,

    capteur de température d'air d'admission,

    Ingesta sensor de temperatura del aire, 

    A beszívott levego homérséklet érzékelo,

    Inntakslufttemperatur sensor, 

    inntaka lofthiti skynjari,


    Ieplūdes gaisa temperatūras sensors,

    Sisselaskeõhu temperatuuri andur,

    Įsiurbiamo oro temperatūros jutiklis,

    braiteoir iontógáil teocht an aeir,

    sensore di temperatura dell'aria di aspirazione,

    sensur tat-temperatura arja li tidhol,

    inntakslufttemperatur sensor,

    Insugsluftens temperatursensor,

    emme hava sicakligi sensörü,

    czujnik temperatury powietrza dolotowego, 

    sensor de temperatura do ar de admissão,

    sensor de temperatura del aire de admisión,

    senzor de temperatura a aerului de admisie,

    teplota nasávaného vzduchu senzor,

    sesalni temperaturni senzor zraka,

    Uzimanje temperatura zraka senzora,

    Αισθητήρας θερμοκρασίας αέρα εισαγωγής,

    ნაკადის ჰაერის ტემპერატურის სენსორი,

    ընդունման օդի ջերմաստիճանը սենսոր,

    تناول استشعار درجة حرارة الهواء,


    흡기 공기 온도 센서,




    חיישן טמפרטורת אוויר צריכת,

    ינטייק לופט טעמפּעראַטור סענסער,

    датчик температуры впускного воздуха,

    датчик температури впускного повітря,

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    3 Items

    Data sheet

    Manufacturer Part Number
    Reference OE/OEM Number
    104606487AB ,4606487AA ,4606487AB
    Other Part Number
    170219 ,AS0065 ,74721015 ,XATS20 ,
    Fits for Vehicles
    Number of Connectors
    Brand Type
    Aftermarket Branded
    Country/Region of Manufacture

    Specific References


    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 2.709.04-11.121421932736
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 3.509.04-11.121832493518
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 3.5 AWD09.04-12.101862533518
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 5.709.04-12.082503405654
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 5.712.09-11.122563485654
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 5.7 AWD09.04-08.082503405654
    CHRYSLER 300C (LX, LE) 6.1 SRT806.05-11.123174316059
    CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX, LE) 3.509.04-12.101832493518
    CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX, LE) 3.5 AWD09.04-12.101832493518
    CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX, LE) 5.709.04-12.102503405654
    CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX, LE) 5.7 AWD04.05-12.102503405654
    CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX, LE) 6.1 SRT806.05-12.103174316059
    CHRYSLER 300M (LR) 2.7 V6 24V11.98-08.001492032736
    CHRYSLER 300M (LR) 2.7 V6 24V08.00-09.041502042736
    CHRYSLER 300M (LR) 3.5 V6 24V08.00-09.041852523518
    CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER V (RT) 3.3 Flexfuel09.08-12.101301773301
    CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER V (RT) 3.810.07-1421933778
    CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER V (RT) 4.010.07-1872543952
    CHRYSLER PACIFICA 3.508.03-12.061862533518
    CHRYSLER PACIFICA 3.5 AWD08.03-12.061862533518
    CHRYSLER PACIFICA 3.809.05-09.081522073778
    CHRYSLER PACIFICA 4.009.07-09.081892573952
    CHRYSLER PACIFICA 4.0 AWD09.07-09.081892573952
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 1.611.01-12.10851161598
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.010.04-12.101001361996
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.006.00-09.041041411996
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.409.03-12.091341822429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.406.00-12.101101502429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.406.00-12.101121522429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) 2.408.05-12.101051432429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER (PT_) GT 2.408.03-12.101642232429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Combi Van (PT_) 1.610.02-09.07851161598
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Combi Van (PT_) 2.010.02-03.041041411996
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.406.00-12.101101502429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.403.04-03.081051432429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.409.04-12.081341822429
    CHRYSLER PT CRUISER Convertible 2.4 GT03.04-03.081642232429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.004.01-06.071041411996
    CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.404.01-06.071121522429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.404.01-06.071051432429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.4 Turbo09.01-06.071642232429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING (JR) 2.7 V6 24V04.01-06.071492032736
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.004.01-06.071041411996
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.404.01-06.071121522429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.4 Turbo09.01-06.071642232429
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.7 Flexfuel09.02-12.061492032736
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Convertible (JR) 2.7 V6 24V04.01-06.071492032736
    CHRYSLER SEBRING Coupe (JR) 2.401.01-12.051121522429
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.3 Flexfuel01.00-09.001341823301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.809.97-12.001341823778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.801.96-12.001241693778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.801.95-09.001211653778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.8 AWD01.96-12.001241693778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER / GRAND VOYAGER III (GS) 3.8 AWD09.97-12.001341823778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 2.402.00-12.081081472429
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.309.99-12.031271733301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.302.00-12.081281743301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.309.00-12.071341823301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.3 AWD02.00-12.081281743301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.3 Flexfuel09.00-12.031341823301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.3 Flexfuel AWD10.00-12.031341823301
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.802.00-12.081602183778
    CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS) 3.8 AWD02.00-12.081602183778
    DODGE CALIBER 1.806.06-12.091101501798
    DODGE CALIBER 2.006.06-1151561998
    DODGE CALIBER 2.409.07-12.121281742360
    DODGE CALIBER 2.410.06-1251702359
    DODGE CALIBER 2.4 AWD10.06-1251702359
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 2.402.00-12.071121522429
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.302.00-12.071281743301
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.304.01-05.071321793301
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.3 AWD02.00-12.071281743301
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.3 Flexfuel02.00-12.071341823301
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.802.00-12.071602183778
    DODGE CARAVAN (RG_) 3.8 AWD02.00-12.071602183778
    DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 3.509.08-12.101862533518
    DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.1 SRT801.08-3134266059
    DODGE CHALLENGER Coupe 6.1 SRT809.07-3174316059
    DODGE INTREPID 2.710.97-09.041492032736
    DODGE INTREPID 3.204.98-09.041682283231
    DODGE NEON II 2.410.04-09.051602182429
    DODGE NEON II 2.4 SRT-401.03-12.051712322429
    DODGE NITRO 3.709.06-12.121572143700
    DODGE NITRO 3.7 4WD09.06-12.121572143700
    DODGE NITRO 3.7 V6 4WD06.07-12.121512053700
    DODGE NITRO 4.009.06-12.111942643952
    DODGE NITRO 4.0 4WD09.07-12.111942643952
    DODGE NITRO 4.0 4WD09.06-12.071912603952
    DODGE RAM 1500 Crew Cab Pickup 5.709.08-12.102913965654
    DODGE RAM 1500 Crew Cab Pickup 5.7 4WD09.08-12.102913965654
    DODGE RAM 1500 Crew Cab Pickup 8.3 SRT-1009.04-12.063735078277
    DODGE RAM 1500 Standard Cab Pickup 5.709.08-12.102913965654
    DODGE RAM 1500 Standard Cab Pickup 5.7 4WD09.08-12.102913965654
    DODGE RAM 2500 Crew Cab Pickup (DJ) 5.709.09-12.102863895654
    DODGE RAM 2500 Crew Cab Pickup (DJ) 5.7 4WD09.09-12.102863895654
    DODGE RAM 2500 Pickup (DJ, DS) 5.701.09-2873905654
    DODGE RAM 2500 Pickup (DJ, DS) 5.7 4x401.09-2873905654
    DODGE RAM 2500 Standard Cab Pickup (DJ) 5.709.09-12.102863895654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Cab & Chassis (DD) 5.709.08-12.092863895654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Cab & Chassis (DD) 5.7 4WD09.08-12.092863895654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Crew Cab Pickup (D2) 5.709.08-12.092863895654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Crew Cab Pickup (D2) 5.7 4WD09.08-12.092863895654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Standard Cab Pickup (D2) 5.709.08-12.092913965654
    DODGE RAM 3500 Standard Cab Pickup (D2) 5.7 4WD09.08-12.092913965654
    DODGE RAM 4000 Platform/Chassis (DH, DR, D1, DC, DM) 5.7 4x401.07-2823835654
    DODGE STRATUS Coupe 2.409.00-12.051101502429
    DODGE STRATUS II 2.401.01-10.061642232429
    DODGE STRATUS II 2.4 SE10.00-12.031101502429
    DODGE STRATUS II 2.4 STX10.00-10.061121522429
    DODGE STRATUS II 2.7 Flexfuel09.02-10.061492032736
    DODGE VIPER Convertible SRT-1009.02-12.063725068277
    DODGE VIPER Coupe SRT-1001.03-3725068277
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KJ) 3.709.01-01.081572143700
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KJ) 3.7 4x409.01-01.081552113698
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KJ) 3.7 4x409.01-10.071572143700
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KK) 3.7 V601.08-1572133700
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KK) 3.7 V601.08-03.131512053700
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KK) 3.7 V6 4x401.08-1512053700
    JEEP CHEROKEE (KK) 3.7 V6 All-wheel Drive01.08-08.121572133700
    JEEP COMPASS (MK49) 2.408.06-1281742360
    JEEP COMPASS (MK49) 2.408.06-1251702360
    JEEP COMPASS (MK49) 2.4 4x409.06-1251702360
    JEEP COMPASS (MK49) 2.4 4x408.06-1281742360
    JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE III (WH, WK) 6.1 SRT8 4x403.06-12.103134266059
    JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE III (WH, WK) 6.1 SRT8 RWD03.06-05.103134266059
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.001.11-12.171151561998
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.0 4x402.07-12.171151561998
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.406.09-12.171251702360
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.402.07-12.171281742360
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4 4x402.07-12.171281742360
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4 4x401.08-12.171251702360
    JEEP PATRIOT (MK74) 2.4 Eco + 4x407.08-12.171251702360
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.804.07-1461993778
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.804.07-12.111532083778
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.806.06-1512053778
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8 RWD04.07-12.101532083778
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8 RWD10.07-09.101461993778
    JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8 RWD04.07-12.101512053778

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    FAE 33179

    Intake Air Temperature Sensor

    104606487AB ,4606487AA ,4606487AB,


    Made in SPAIN

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