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      BOSCH 0242129522 ,VR8SII30X Spark Plug ,IRIDIUM ,PARTSBOS
      • BOSCH 0242129522 ,VR8SII30X Spark Plug ,IRIDIUM ,PARTSBOS
      • BOSCH 0242129522 ,VR8SII30X Spark Plug ,IRIDIUM ,PARTSBOS
      • BOSCH 0242129522 ,VR8SII30X Spark Plug ,IRIDIUM ,PARTSBOS
      • BOSCH 0242129522 ,VR8SII30X Spark Plug ,IRIDIUM ,PARTSBOS

      BOSCH 0242129522

      $ 10.03

      Iridium Spark Plug

      22401-1HC1B ,22401-ED815 ,22401-ED875 ,22401-ED875-Q0 ,22401-ED875-SN ,22401-ED875-VA ,1N19-18-110 ,MQ701127 ,VR8SII30X ,0242129522 


      Made in GERMANY

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      Spark Plug ,


      Technical data:

      • Spanner Size:14
      • Thread Size: M12x1,25
      • Thread Length [mm]: 26.5
      • With resistance
      • Electrode :Iridium
      • Center Electrode Material :Ir
      • Ground Electrode Material :NiY



      Spark plug, also called Sparking Plug, device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and carries two electrodes separated by an air gap, across which current from a high-tension ignition system discharges, to form a spark for igniting the air–fuel mixture. The electrodes must be able to resist high temperatures, and the insulator separating them must withstand high temperatures and also an electric stress up to several thousand volts. Spark-gap length affects the energy of the spark, and the shape of the insulator affects the temperature of operation. When too cool, operation leads to carbonization and short-circuiting of the gap, when too hot, there may be preignition.

      Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs:
      Slow acceleration. The most common cause of poor acceleration in most vehicles is a problem in the ignition system.
      Poor Fuel Economy. A fully-functioning spark plug helps burn fuel efficiently in the combustion cycle.
      Engine is Misfiring.
      Engine Surging or Hesitating.
      Rough Idle.
      Hard to Start.

      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0242129522 :   

      Part ManufacturerPart Number :
      INFINITI 22401-1HC1B ,22401-ED815 ,22401-ED875 ,22401-ED875-Q0 ,22401-ED875-SN ,22401-ED875-VA ,
      MAZDA 1N19-18-110 ,1N1918110 ,
      MITSUBISHI MQ701127 ,
      NISSAN 22401-1HC1B ,22401-ED815 ,22401-ED875 ,22401-ED875-Q0 ,22401-ED875-SN ,22401-ED875-VA ,224011HC1B ,22401ED815 ,22401ED875 ,22401ED875Q0 ,22401ED875SN ,22401ED875VA ,
      Parts BOS P48007 ,
      BOSCH VR8SII30X ,VR 8 SII 30 X ,
      Alternative p.n :OE240 ,REA12WMB4 ,1851 ,MR15LP-1 ,FXE20HR11 ,IXEH20TT ,8EH188706-391 ,INF8RC-11P ,6643 ,LZKAR6AP-11 ,
      !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

      The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.

      You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.

      Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 

      If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


      BOSCH 0 242 129 522 

      • Spark Plug ,Plug Spark,
      • Zündkerze ,
      • Bougie d'allumage ,
      • Bujía ,
      • Vela de ignição ,
      • Candela,
      • Tændrør,
      • Bougie ,
      • Kerti ,
      • Neistecker,
      • Spréachphlocóid ,
      • Plwg tanio ,
      • Sytytystulppa ,
      • Tändstift ,
      • Tennplugg ,
      • Zapalovací svíčka,
      • Zapaľovacia sviečka,
      • Vžigalna svečka ,
      • Świeca ,
      • Aizdedzes svece ,
      • Uždegimo žvakė,
      • Süüteküünal ,
      • Gyújtógyertya ,
      • Svječica ,
      • Свеќица ,
      • Μπουζί,
      • אָנצינדן ,
      • מצת ,
      • ولاعة ,
      • Kandele ,
      • スパークプラグ、
      • 점화 플러그 ,
      • 火花塞 ,
      • स्पार्क प्लग  ,
      • หัวเทียน  ,
      • Свічка запалювання ,
      • Свещ ,
      • Свечка запальвання ,
      • Свеча зажигания ,
      • Buji ,Busi,Bujia,

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      50 Items

      Data sheet

      Manufacturer Part Number
      Reference OE/OEM Number
      1N19-18-110 ,MQ701127 ,22401-1HC1B ,90919-C1009
      Superseded Part Number
      Other Part Number
      41REMB4ME ,OE207 ,IXEH20TT ,LZKAR6AP-11
      Fits for Vehicles
      Thread Length [mm]
      Brand Type
      Aftermarket Branded
      Country/Region of Manufacture

      Specific References


      NISSAN (DFAC) TEANA (J32Z) 2.011.10-12.131041411998
      NISSAN (DFAC) TIIDA Hatchback (C11) 1.607.05-801071598
      NISSAN (DFAC) TIIDA Hatchback (C12) 1.605.11-12.15931261598
      NISSAN (DFAC) TIIDA Saloon (C11) 1.604.05-801071598
      NISSAN (DFAC) X-TRAIL (T31) 2.011.08-12.141061441997
      NISSAN BLUEBIRD SYLPHY / SYLPHY III (B17) 1.808.12-961311798
      NISSAN BLUEBIRD SYLPHY / SYLPHY III (B17) 1.808.12-951291798
      NISSAN BLUEBIRD SYLPHY II (G11) 1.6 (G15)12.12-751021598
      NISSAN CUBE (Z12) 1.6 16V08.09-811101598
      NISSAN LIVINA / GRAND LIVINA (L10, L11) 1.603.14-841141598
      NISSAN LIVINA / GRAND LIVINA (L10, L11) 1.602.07-801091598
      NISSAN LIVINA / GRAND LIVINA (L10, L11) 1.803.09-921251798
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.205.10-59801198
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.205.10-58791198
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.201.13-57771198
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.205.10-56761198
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.2 LPG05.10-59801198
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.511.10-751021498
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.501.11-741011498
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.512.11-73991498
      NISSAN MICRA IV (K13_) 1.609.11-781061598
      NISSAN NOTE (E11, NE11) 1.603.06-06.12811101598
      NISSAN NOTE (E12) 1.206.13-58791198
      NISSAN NOTE (E12) 1.206.13-59801198
      NISSAN NOTE (E12) 1.2 LPG03.15-56761198
      NISSAN NOTE (E12) 1.606.13-811101598
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.001.10-04.141031401997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.002.07-12.131021391997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.002.07-12.131041411997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.0 All-whe..02.07-12.131021391997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.0 All-whe..02.07-12.131041411997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I (J10, NJ10, JJ10E) 2.0 All-whe..01.10-04.141031401997
      NISSAN QASHQAI / QASHQAI +2 I VAN (J10, JJ10E) 2.003.13-04.141041411997
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C11) 1.609.07-12.11811101598
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C11) 1.608.05-06.13871181598
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C11) 1.809.07-12.11931261798
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C12) 1.608.12-851161598
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C12) 1.6 CVTC08.12-861171598
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C12) 1.6 CVTC01.14-801091598
      NISSAN TIIDA Hatchback (C12) 1.808.12-961311798
      NISSAN TIIDA Saloon (SC11) 1.605.06-06.13801091598
      NISSAN TIIDA Saloon (SC11) 1.6 (C11L)09.07-12.12811101598
      NISSAN TIIDA Saloon (SC11) 1.809.07-12.12931261798
      NISSAN TIIDA Saloon (SC11) 1.801.07-06.11781061798
      NISSAN VERSA I 1.609.08-06.13811101598
      NISSAN VERSA II (N17_) 1.608.11-781061598
      TOYOTA (GAC) YARIS L Saloon (_P15_) 1.3 (NSP150)03.17-73991329

      ​May fits for other, not listed, Vehicles-Models


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      BOSCH 0242129522

      Iridium Spark Plug

      22401-1HC1B ,22401-ED815 ,22401-ED875 ,22401-ED875-Q0 ,22401-ED875-SN ,22401-ED875-VA ,1N19-18-110 ,MQ701127 ,VR8SII30X ,0242129522 


      Made in GERMANY

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