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    BOSCH 0261230247 ,0261230248
    • BOSCH 0261230247 ,0261230248

    BOSCH 0261230247

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    Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP 

    0261230248 ,94860618000 ,0PB907597 ,

    for PORSCHE ,

    Made in GERMANY

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    • Superseded Part Number: 0261230248
    • Number of Connectors: 4

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    Intake manifold air pressure sensor (MAP)

    Boost pressure sensor,

    Absolute pressure sensor.


    Technical data:

    Pressure range (bar): 0.20 - 2.5 (20-250 kpa) ,

    Number of ports: 4 ,



    Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors, or MAP Sensors as they are more

    commonly known, are used to measure inlet manifold “pressure’ to give an

    indication of engine load.

    These sensors are generally used in “Speed/Density” or “Manifold Pressure

    Controlled” engine management systems that do not use an Air Flow/Mass


    Sensors have either over three or four poles:
    1. Mass
    2. Output signal, 0 to 4.5 Volt
    3. Supply voltage, mostly 5.0 Volt
    4. Optional: Temperature measurement (NTC)


    Faulty MAP sensor symptoms:
    • Rough idle.
    • Surging.
    • Loss of power and/or fuel economy due to retarded timing and an excessively rich fuel ratio.
    • Detonation due to too much spark advance and a lean fuel ratio.
    • A rich fuel condition, which may cause spark plug fouling.


    Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0 261 230 247 :

    PORSCHE 94860618000 ,
    BOSCH 0261230248 ,0 261 230 248 ,
    !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!
    The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.
    You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.
    Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above.
    If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

    If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


    BOSCH 0261230247 

    Boost pressure sensor, intake manifold pressure sensor ,
    Ladedrucksensor , Saugrohrdrucksensor,
    Boost tryksensor, indsugningsmanifold tryksensor ,
    Boost capteur de pression, capteur de pression admission de collecteur ,
    Capteur, pression de suralimentation ,
    Snímač plnicího tlaku, tlak v sacím potrubí snímače ,
    Snímač plniaceho tlaku, tlak v sacom potrubí snímača ,
    Boost senzor tlaka, sesalni kolektor senzor tlaka ,
    Boost druksensor, inlaatspruitstuk druksensor ,
    Poticaj senzor tlaka, usisni tlak senzor ,
    Uppörvun þrýstingi skynjara, loftinntak margvíslega þrýstingur skynjara ,
    Boost sensore di pressione, sensore di pressione collettore di aspirazione ,
    Boost trykksensor, inntak manifold trykksensor ,
    Sisselaskekollektori rõhu andur,
    Laddtrycksgivare, inloppstryck sensor,
    Zwiększ kolektor czujnik ciśnienia, czujnik ciśnienia dolotowego ,
    Impulsionar sensor de pressão, sensor de pressão do coletor de admissão ,
    Boost sensor de presión, sensor de presión del colector de admisión ,B
    Boost senzor de presiune, senzor de presiune colectorul de admisie ,
    Uppörvun þrýstingur skynjari, inntaka margvíslega þrýstingur skynjari,
    Boost paineanturi, imusarjan paineanturi ,
    Töltőnyomás érzékelő, szívócső nyomás érzékelő ,
    Boost tryckgivare, insugsgrenrörets tryckgivare ,
    Uzlādes spiediena sensors,ieplūdes kolektora spiediena sensors, 
    Įpurškimo slėgio daviklis, slėgis įsiurbimo kolektoriuje daviklis,
    ისევე როგორც ზეწოლას სენსორი, შემშვები კოლექტორი წნევის სენსორი ,
    استشعار الضغط، تناول استشعار الضغط المتعددة،
    Ενισχύστε αισθητήρα πίεσης, η πρόσληψη αισθητήρα πίεσης πολλαπλής ,
    חיישן לחץ, חיישן לחץ סעפת יניקה,
    압력 센서, 흡기 매니 폴드 압력 센서,
    Увеличете налягането сензор, Сензор налягане смукателна тръба ,
    Датчик тиску наддуву, Датчик тиск у впускному колекторі ,
    Датчик давления наддува, Датчик давления во впускном коллекторе .


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    59 Items

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    94860618000 ,0PB907597
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    BOSCH 0261230247

    Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP 

    0261230248 ,94860618000 ,0PB907597 ,

    for PORSCHE ,

    Made in GERMANY

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