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      BOSCH 1465ZS0014 (0928400703 )

      $ 98.67

      Fuel Pressure Regulator 

      0928400703 ,0928400750 ,0928400769 ,33100-2A420 ,

      for Hyundai ,KIA ,

      Made in GERMANY

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      Common Rail Fuel Pressure Regulator ,Control Valve.

      Fitting Position: High Pressure Pump (low pressure side).


      The fuel pressure control valve comprises a fuel-cooled solenoid valve. 
      The valve opening is varied by its solenoid coil being pulse width modulated at a frequency of 1 KHz.
      When the pressure control valve is not activated, its internal spring maintains 
      a fuel pressure of about 100 Bar. When the valve is activated, 
      the force of the electromagnet aids the spring, reducing the opening of the valve 
      and so increasing fuel pressure. The fuel pressure control valve also acts as 
      a mechanical pressure damper, smoothing the high frequency pressure pulses 
      emanating from the radial piston pump when less than three pistons are activated.
      This part is called by many names including:
      Injection Pressure Regulator
      Fuel Pressure Regulator
      Fuel Control Actuator
      Measuring Unit
      Fuel Measurement Solenoid Valve .


      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 1465ZS0014 :  

      BOSCH 0928400703 ,0928400769 ,0928400750 ,

      Fuel Pressure Regulator 1465ZS0014 can be used on fuel pumps: 

      BOSCH 0445010206 ,0445010207 ,0445010290 ,0986437042 ,
      HYUNDAI 33100-2A420 ,331002A420 ,
      KIA 33100-2A420 ,331002A420 ,

       !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!
      The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.
      You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.
      Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above.
      If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


      BOSCH 1465ZS0014 

      • Fuel pressure control valve ,CR System ,
      • Fuel pressure Regulator,
      • Druckregelventil, Common-Rail-System ,Kraftstoffmessmagnetventil ,
      • Regulator ciśnienia ,
      • Nyomásszabályozó szelep, common rail rendszer ,
      • Spiediena regulators Common-Rail-Systēmai ,
      • Regulador de presión ,CR Systema ,
      • Regulador de pressão ,CR Sistema ,
      • Регулатор на налягането ,
      • Regulator tlaka ,
      • Regulátor tlaku ,Måle drivstoff magnetventil ,
      • Regulator tlaka ,
      • Paineensäädin ,
      • Regolatore di pressione ,
      • Valvola regolapressione ,Sistema Common-Rail ,
      • Regulator de presiune ,
      • Tryckregulator ,Trykreguleringsventil,
      • Þrýstingur eftirlitsstofnanna ,
      • Ρυθμιστής πίεσης ,
      • Дозировочный блок , Редукционный клапан , 
      • Регулятор давления подачи топлива ,
      • Дозувальний блок ,
      • Trykkreguleringsventil ,
      • Tryckreglerventil,
      • Paineensäätöventtiili, Common-Rail-järjestelmä ,
      • Détendeur, système de rampe commune ,
      • Drukregelklep,
      • Válvula control presión, Common Rail System ,
      • Valvola regolapressione, Sistema Common-Rail ,
      • 燃料圧力制御弁、
      • 燃料圧力レギュレータ、
      • ברענוואַרג דרוק קאָנטראָל וואַלוו,שסתום בקרת לחץ דלק,

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      5 Items

      Data sheet

      Manufacturer Part Number
      Reference OE/OEM Number
      33100-2A420 ,
      Superseded Part Number
      0928400703 ,0928400769 ,0928400750
      Number of Connectors
      Brand Type
      Aftermarket Branded
      Country/Region of Manufacture

      Specific References


      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.5 CRDi01.02-11.0560821493
      HYUNDAI ACCENT III (MC) 1.5 CRDi GLS11.05-11.10811101493
      HYUNDAI ACCENT III Saloon (MC) 1.5 CRDi GLS11.05-11.10811101493
      HYUNDAI ACCENT IV (RB) 1.6 CRDi07.11-941281582
      HYUNDAI ACCENT IV Saloon (RB) 1.6 CRDi11.10-12.17941281582
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA IV Saloon (HD) 1.6 CRDi11.05-12.11851161582
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA V Saloon (MD, UD) 1.6 CRDi02.11-12.15941281582
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.5 CRDi08.05-06.0965881493
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.5 CRDi GLS08.05-06.09811101493
      HYUNDAI i10 I (PA) 1.1 CRDi01.08-12.1155751120
      HYUNDAI i20 I (PB, PBT) 1.4 CRDi09.08-12.1255751396
      HYUNDAI i20 I (PB, PBT) 1.4 CRDi08.08-12.1566901396
      HYUNDAI i20 I (PB, PBT) 1.6 CRDi01.09-12.12941281582
      HYUNDAI i20 I (PB, PBT) 1.6 CRDi09.08-12.12851161582
      HYUNDAI i30 (FD) 1.6 CRDi10.07-11.11851161582
      HYUNDAI i30 (FD) 1.6 CRDi10.07-11.1166901582
      HYUNDAI i30 (FD) 1.6 CRDi01.10-11.11941281582
      HYUNDAI i30 (FD) 1.6 CRDi VGT10.07-11.11811101582
      HYUNDAI i30 (GD) 1.6 CRDi12.11-12.15941281582
      HYUNDAI i30 (GD) 1.6 CRDi12.11-12.16811101582
      HYUNDAI i30 Coupe 1.6 CRDi05.13-941281582
      HYUNDAI i30 Estate (FD) 1.6 CRDi01.10-06.12941281582
      HYUNDAI i30 Estate (FD) 1.6 CRDi02.08-06.12851161582
      HYUNDAI i30 Estate (FD) 1.6 CRDi02.08-06.1266901582
      HYUNDAI i30 Estate (GD) 1.6 CRDi06.12-811101582
      HYUNDAI i30 Estate (GD) 1.6 CRDi06.12-12.15941281582
      HYUNDAI i40 I (VF) 1.7 CRDi03.12-851161685
      HYUNDAI i40 I (VF) 1.7 CRDi03.12-1001361685
      HYUNDAI i40 I (VF) 1.7 CRDI01.15-1041411685
      HYUNDAI i40 I CW (VF) 1.7 CRDi07.11-851161685
      HYUNDAI i40 I CW (VF) 1.7 CRDi01.15-1041411685
      HYUNDAI i40 I CW (VF) 1.7 CRDi07.11-1001361685
      HYUNDAI ix20 (JC) 1.6 CRDI06.11-941281582
      HYUNDAI ix20 (JC) 1.6 CRDI06.11-851161582
      HYUNDAI ix35 (LM, EL, ELH) 1.7 CRDi11.10-851161685
      HYUNDAI ix35 Van CRDi09.10-12.15851161685
      HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.5 CRDi VGT08.05-08.10811101493
      KIA CARENS III MPV (UN) 1.6 CRDi 11010.10-851161582
      KIA CARENS III MPV (UN) 1.6 CRDi 12810.10-941281582
      KIA CARENS IV 1.7 CRDi03.13-1001361685
      KIA CARENS IV 1.7 CRDi03.13-991351685
      KIA CARENS IV 1.7 CRDi03.13-851161685
      KIA CARENS IV Van (A4) CRDi04.15-1001361685
      KIA CARENS IV Van (A4) CRDi04.15-851161685
      KIA CEE'D (JD) 1.6 CRDi 11005.12-811101582
      KIA CEE'D (JD) 1.6 CRDi 12805.12-941281582
      KIA CEE'D Combi Van (JD) 1.6 CRDi07.12-941281582
      KIA CEE'D Hatchback (ED) 1.6 CRDi 11512.06-12.12851151582
      KIA CEE'D Hatchback (ED) 1.6 CRDi 12810.10-12.12941281582
      KIA CEE'D Hatchback (ED) 1.6 CRDi 9012.06-12.1266901582
      KIA CEE'D Sportswagon (JD) 1.6 CRDi 11003.13-811101582
      KIA CEE'D Sportswagon (JD) 1.6 CRDi 12809.12-941281582
      KIA CEE'D SW (ED) 1.6 CRDi 11509.07-12.12851151582
      KIA CEE'D SW (ED) 1.6 CRDi 12810.10-12.12941281582
      KIA CEE'D SW (ED) 1.6 CRDi 9009.07-12.1266901582
      KIA CERATO I Hatchback (LD) 1.6 CRDi06.05-851151582
      KIA CERATO I Saloon (LD) 1.6 CRDi06.05-12.09851151582
      KIA OPTIMA (FSGDS6B) 1.7 CRDi03.12-1001361685
      KIA PICANTO (SA) 1.1 CRDi11.05-55751120
      KIA PRO CEE'D (ED) 1.6 CRDi 11502.08-09.12851151582
      KIA PRO CEE'D (ED) 1.6 CRDi 12810.10-09.12941281582
      KIA PRO CEE'D (ED) 1.6 CRDi 9002.08-09.1266901582
      KIA PRO CEE'D (JD) 1.6 CRDi 11003.13-811101582
      KIA PRO CEE'D (JD) 1.6 CRDi 12803.13-941281582
      KIA PRO CEE'D Hatchback Van (JD) 1.6 CRDi10.12-941281582
      KIA RIO II (JB) 1.5 CRDi06.08-12.1165881493
      KIA RIO II (JB) 1.5 CRDi03.05-12.11811101493
      KIA RIO II Saloon (JB) 1.5 CRDi03.05-12.11811101493
      KIA RIO II Saloon (JB) 1.5 CRDi06.08-12.1165881493
      KIA SOUL I (AM) 1.6 CRDi 11502.09-851151582
      KIA SOUL I (AM) 1.6 CRDi 12802.09-941261582
      KIA SOUL II (PS) 1.6 CRDi 12802.14-941261582
      KIA SOUL II (PS) 1.6 CRDi 13604.15-1001361582
      KIA SOUL II (PS) 1.6 CVVT07.16-951291591
      KIA SPORTAGE III (SL) 1.7 CRDi12.10-851161685
      KIA VENGA (YN) 1.6 CRDi 11502.10-851161582
      KIA VENGA (YN) 1.6 CRDi 12802.10-941281582

      ​May fits for other, not listed, Vehicles-Models


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      BOSCH 1465ZS0014 (0928400703 )

      Fuel Pressure Regulator 

      0928400703 ,0928400750 ,0928400769 ,33100-2A420 ,

      for Hyundai ,KIA ,

      Made in GERMANY

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