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      BOSCH 0280142310 ,0280142313
      • BOSCH 0280142310 ,0280142313

      BOSCH 0280142310

      $ 24.02

      Solenoid Purge Valve 

      0280142313 ,13901465030 ,6U0133517A ,9003836 ,28910-22030 ,28910-22040 ,0K01B-18741 ,377906291 ,051133517 ,1101100B3 ,471Q-1L-1207801 ,


      Made in GERMANY

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      • Superseded Part Number: 0280142313, 0280142313

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      Solenoid Valve ,

       Fuel Tank Breather Valve ,Idle Control Valve ,


      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with BOSCH 0 280 142 310 : 

      Part ManufacturerPart Number :
      ASIA MOTORS OKD1C18741 ,OK D1C 18 741 ,
      BMW 13901465030 ,13 90 1 465 030 ,
      BYD 3600120E ,476ZQA-1026300 ,476ZQA1026300 ,
      CHANGAN 1101100B3 ,
      CHANGFENG 471Q-2L-3813801 ,471Q2L3813801 ,
      CHANGHE 6350A-1104500 ,6350A1104500 ,
      CHERY 9003836 ,
      FAW (TIANJIN) 9003836 ,
      GEELY 9003836 ,
      GREAT WALL 9003836 ,
      HAFEI 9003836 ,
      HYUNDAI 2891022030 ,2891022040 ,28910-22030 ,28910-22040 ,
      JAC 9003836 ,
      KIA 0K01B18741 ,2891022030 ,0K01B-18741 ,28910-22030 ,
      LIFAN 9003836 ,
      SEAT 051133517 ,
      SKODA 441043871576 ,6U0133517A ,
      SUZUKI 11011 00B3 ,
      VW 051133517 ,377906291 ,441043871576 ,6U0133517A ,051 133 517 ,377 906 291 ,441 0 4387 157 6 ,6U0 133 517 A ,
      WULING 9003836 ,
      ZHONGHUA(BRILLIANCE) 9003836 ,
      ZOTYE 471Q-1L-1207801 ,471Q1L1207801 ,
      Parts BOSP18129 ,
      BOSCH0280142313 ,0 280 142 313 ,
      Alternative p.n :ADG07418 ,81.283 ,8029313 ,9313 ,2250150 ,V52-77-0011 ,
      !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!
      • The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.
      • You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.
      • Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. 
      • If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.


      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


      BOSCH 0 280 142 310 

      Electro Pneumatic Valve ,Vapor Canister Purge Valve, Breather Valve ,
      Recirculating Air Valve,Turbo Pressure Converter,
      Boost pressure control valve,Exhaust control pressure transducer,
      Elektropneumatische Ventile,Ladedruck regelventil,
      Ladedruck regelventil ,Abgassteuerungdruckwandler ,Elektroumschaltventile
      Elektro-pneumatiske ventiler,
      Ladetrykk regulatorventil ,Trykkomformer ,
      Electro-pneumatiska ventiler, Tryckomvandlare, avgasreglering ,
      Säätöventtiili ahtopaine ,Painemuunnin, pakokaasun ohjaus ,
      Ladetryksregulatorventil  ,Trykomformer, udstødningsstyring ,
      Valvola wastegate,Convertitore pressione,Controllo gas scarico ,
      Válvula reguladora de admisión ,
      Transductor de presión, control de gases de escape ,
      Válvula reguladora da pressão de sobrealimentação ,
      Transmissor de pressão, controlo dos gases de escape ,
      Treisiú comhla rialú brú,
      Sceite transducer brú a rialú,
      Hwb falf reoli pwysau,
      Exhaust transducer pwysau rheoli,
      Boost soupape de commande de pression,
      Transducteur de pression de commande d'échappemen ,
      Vàlvula de control de pressió de sobrealimentació,
      Transductor de pressió de control d'escapament,
      Boost þrýstingur stjórna loki,
      Útblástur stjórna þrýstingi transducer,
      Boost rõhureguleerventiili,
      Exhaust kontrolli rõhuanduri,
      Poticaj za kontrolu tlaka ventilIspušni kontrola tlaka sonde,
      Tlakový regulační ventil Boost ,Exhaust převodník regulace tlaku,
      Töltőnyomás szabályozó szelep,Kipufogó vezérlő nyomás jeladó,
      Valv ta 'kontroll tal-pressjoni Boost,
      Transducer tal-pressjoni kontroll tal-egżost,
      Zawór regulacyjny ciśnienia doładowania,
      Przetwornik ciśnienia sterującego spalin,
      Boost supapei de control a presiunii,
      Traductor de presiune de control de evacuare,
      Tlakový regulačný ventil Boost ,Exhaust prevodník regulácia tlaku,
      Nadzor tlaka polnilnega ventila,
      Izpušni nadzor zračnega tlaka pretvornik,
      Meningkatkan katup kontrol tekanan,
      Exhaust transduser tekanan kontrol,
      Boost injap kawalan tekanan,
      Ekzos tekanan kawalan transduser,
      دفعة صمام التحكم في الضغط،العادم محول الضغط السيطرة، ,
      Ενισχύστε την βαλβίδα ελέγχου πίεσης,
      Εξάτμισης μετατροπέα πίεσης ελέγχου,
      שסתום בקרת לחץ Boost,מתמר לחץ שליטת פליטה,
      באָאָסט דרוק קאָנטראָל וואַלוו,ויסמאַטערן קאָנטראָל דרוק טראַנסדוסער,
      부스트 압력 제어 밸브,배기 제어 압력 변환기,
      Boost วาล์วควบคุมความดัน,
      Изпускателна датчик за контрол на налягането,
      Зголемете контрола на притисок вентил,
      Издувните контрола на притисок,
      Підвищення клапан регулювання тиску,
      Випускний датчик контролю тиску,
      клапан регулирования давления,

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      25 Items

      Data sheet

      Manufacturer Part Number
      Reference OE/OEM Number
      13901465030 ,9003836 ,28910-22040 ,0K01B-18741 ,
      Superseded Part Number
      Other Part Number
      ADG07418 ,81.283 ,8029313 ,2250150 ,V52-77-0011 ,
      Fits for Vehicles
      Rated Voltage [V]
      Spare Part Type
      Purge Valve
      Brand Type
      Aftermarket Branded
      Country/Region of Manufacture

      Specific References


      BMW C C 600 Sport (C65)02.11-07.153548647
      BMW C C 600 Sport (C65)02.11-07.154460647
      BMW C C 650 GT (3C65)08.15-4460647
      BMW C C 650 GT (3C65)08.15-3548647
      BMW C C 650 GT (C65)01.11-07.153548647
      BMW C C 650 GT (C65)01.11-07.154460647
      BMW C C 650 Sport (3C65)08.15-3548647
      BMW C C 650 Sport (3C65)08.15-4460647
      BMW F F 650 GS (K72)10.06-06.125271798
      BMW F F 650 GS (K72)10.06-06.122534798
      BMW F F 650 GS Special Editon Yellow (K72)09.11-06.125271798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)01.16-5271798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)07.11-3548798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)07.11-5271798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)01.16-5575798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)01.16-3548798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)07.11-2534798
      BMW F F 700 GS (K70)07.11-12.155575798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)07.11-6386798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)10.06-06.126183798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)07.11-2534798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)10.06-06.126386798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)10.06-06.123548798
      BMW F F 800 GS (K72)01.11-3548798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)05.12-6386798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)01.16-6183798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)01.16-3548798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)05.12-3548798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)01.16-6386798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)05.12-2534798
      BMW F F 800 GS Adventure (K75)05.12-6183798
      BMW F F 800 GS Triple Black (K72)09.11-06.126386798
      BMW F F 800 GS Trophy (K72)09.11-06.126386798
      BMW G G 450 X (K16)09.07-09.103041450
      BMW G G 450 X (K16)04.07-1926449
      BMW K K 1200 GT (K44)11.04-09.081121521157
      BMW K K 1200 R (K43)03.04-08.08741011157
      BMW K K 1200 R (K43)03.04-08.081201631157
      BMW K K 1200 R (K43)03.04-08.08791071157
      BMW K K 1200 R Sport (K43)06.05-07.071201631157
      BMW K K 1200 S (K40)04.03-08.081231671157
      BMW K K 1200 S (K40)04.03-08.08791071157
      BMW K K 1200 S (K40)04.03-08.08741011157
      BMW K K 1300 GT (K44)12.07-10.10791071293
      BMW K K 1300 GT (K44)12.07-12.111181601293
      BMW K K 1300 GT Exclusive Edition (K44)12.07-10.101181601293
      BMW K K 1300 R (K43)11.07-1271731293
      BMW K K 1300 R (K43)11.07-791071293
      BMW K K 1300 R Special Editon (K43)11.07-1271731293
      BMW K K 1300 S "30 Jahre K-Modelle" (K40)10.12-1291751293
      BMW K K 1300 S (K40)02.09-1291751293
      BMW K K 1300 S mit HP Paket (K40)01.12-1291751293
      BMW K K 1600 GT01.13-1191621649
      BMW K K 1600 GT (K48)01.10-1181601649
      BMW K K 1600 GT (K48)01.10-791071649
      BMW K K 1600 GTL01.13-1191621649
      BMW K K 1600 GTL (K48)01.13-791071649
      BMW K K 1600 GTL (K48)01.13-1181601649
      BMW K K 1600 GTL Exclusive05.14-12.161181601649
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS03.13-931271170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS (K50)03.13-921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS (K50)03.13-791071170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Adventure01.13-931271170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Adventure (K51)01.13-811101170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Adventure (K51)01.14-921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Adventure Exclusive01.18-12.19921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Adventure Rallye01.18-12.19921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 GS Exclusive01.18-12.19921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 R01.13-821121170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 R (K26)01.14-791071170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 R (R12WR)01.14-921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 RS (R12WR)01.14-921251170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 RT (K26)01.13-921261170
      BMW R 1200 R 1200 RT (K26)01.13-791071170
      BMW S S 1000 R (2R99r)04.14-08.2179107999
      BMW S S 1000 R (2X10, 2R99)02.17-121165999
      BMW S S 1000 R (2X10r)02.17-79107999
      BMW S S 1000 R (K47)03.13-02.17118160999
      BMW S S 1000 RR09.09-08.1179107999
      BMW S S 1000 RR09.08-08.11137186999
      BMW S S 1000 RR01.15-146199999
      BMW S S 1000 RR (K46)10.10-142193999
      BMW S S 1000 RR (K46)09.08-08.11142193999
      BMW S S 1000 XR01.14-118160999
      BMW S S 1000 XR (2X10, 2X99)02.17-121165999
      BMW S S 1000 XR (2X10r, 2X99R)02.17-79107999
      BYD F0 1.009.08-12.185068998
      BYD FLYER 0.807.01-12.082939796
      CHANA CM8 1.311.03-12.0860821310
      CHANA STAR Bus 1.006.00-12.0839531012
      CHANA STAR Bus 1.312.04-12.0960821310
      CHANGAN BENNI 1.311.06-12.1063861301
      CHANGAN CHANA Pickup 1.001.07-3750971
      CHANGAN CHANA Van 1.001.07-3750971
      CHANGAN STAR Platform/Chassis 1.308.11-60821310
      GEELY CK 1.509.05-69941498
      GEELY VISION Saloon 1.505.09-781061498
      GEELY VISION Saloon 1.505.09-12.131021391498
      GREAT WALL FLORID 1.305.09-12.1268921342
      GREAT WALL FLORID 1.309.08-12.1065881342
      GREAT WALL FLORID CROSS 1.310.09-12.1468921342
      GREAT WALL PERI 1.303.08-01.1065881342
      HAFEI LOBO 1.010.03-3446970
      HAFEI SIGMA 1.609.00-12.09741011584
      HAFEI TOWNER JR 1.001.08-3649970
      HAFEI ZHONGYI Bus 1.008.00-08.093649970
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II (LC) 1.308.02-11.0562841341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II (LC) 1.301.00-11.0561831341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II (LC) 1.301.00-11.0563861341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II (LC) 1.612.02-11.05771051599
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.301.00-11.0555751341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.305.03-05.0662841341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.301.00-11.0563861341
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.509.99-10.02751021495
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.509.99-10.0273991495
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.501.00-11.0566901495
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.506.00-12.02761031495
      HYUNDAI ACCENT II Saloon (LC) 1.612.02-11.05771051599
      HYUNDAI ACCENT Saloon (X-3) 1.5 i 12V10.94-01.0065881495
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 1.6 16V03.98-04.02851161599
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 1.6 i 16V12.96-04.02841141599
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 1.8 SX07.96-04.02941281795
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 2.008.99-01.021011371975
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 2.0 16V03.01-04.02991351975
      HYUNDAI COUPE I (RD) 2.0 16V08.96-04.021021391975
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 1.6 16V03.02-08.09771051599
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 1.6 16V03.02-08.09791071599
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 2.003.02-08.091021391975
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 2.008.01-08.091001361975
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 2.0 GLS02.03-08.091051431975
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 2.7 V601.01-08.091211652656
      HYUNDAI COUPE II (GK) 2.7 V603.02-08.091231672656
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA III Saloon (XD) 1.606.00-07.06791071599
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA III Saloon (XD) 1.605.03-05.06771051599
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA III Saloon (XD) 1.606.00-07.0666901599
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.309.03-09.0563851341
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.3 i09.02-03.0460821341
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.609.02-09.05771061599
      HYUNDAI GETZ (TB) 1.606.05-06.09781061599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 16V06.95-09.00871181599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 16V11.95-09.00841141599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II (J-2) 1.6 i11.95-09.0066901599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II (J-2) 1.8 16V11.95-09.00941281795
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II Estate (J-2) 1.6 16V06.98-05.00871181599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II Estate (J-2) 1.6 16V02.96-10.00841141599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II Estate (J-2) 1.6 i02.96-10.0066901599
      HYUNDAI LANTRA II Estate (J-2) 1.8 16V02.96-10.00941281795
      HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.606.01-08.10761031599
      HYUNDAI MATRIX (FC) 1.806.01-08.10901221795
      HYUNDAI SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 i V610.01-05.051321802656
      HYUNDAI SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 V610.01-11.041271732656
      HYUNDAI SONATA IV (EF) 2.7 V611.02-11.041291752656
      HYUNDAI TRAJET (FO) 2.011.03-07.081041411975
      HYUNDAI TRAJET (FO) 2.001.04-07.081031401975
      HYUNDAI TRAJET Box Body/MPV (FO) CVVT01.04-07.081031401975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.001.07-01.121051431975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.008.04-1041411975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.0 All-wheel Drive08.04-03.101041411975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.0 All-wheel Drive07.05-11.101051431975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.0 LPG06.04-03.101041411975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.0 LPG All-wheel Drive06.09-03.101041411975
      HYUNDAI TUCSON (JM) 2.7 All-wheel Drive08.04-11.101291752656
      HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV Van (JM) CVVT06.04-03.101041411975
      KIA CARENS II MPV (FJ) 2.0 CVVT08.04-1021391975
      KIA CERATO I Hatchback (LD) 1.607.04-01.07771051599
      KIA CERATO I Hatchback (LD) 2.003.04-05.071051431975
      KIA CERATO I Saloon (LD) 1.604.04-12.09751021594
      KIA CERATO I Saloon (LD) 1.604.04-12.09771051599
      KIA CERATO I Saloon (LD) 2.004.04-01.071051431975
      KIA CERATO I Saloon (LD) 2.004.04-12.09981331975
      KIA CLARUS (K9A) 1.8 i 16V07.96-08.01851161793
      KIA CLARUS (K9A) 2.0 i 16V07.96-11.01981331998
      KIA CLARUS (K9A) 2.0 i 16V05.96-05.981091481998
      KIA MAGENTIS I (GD, MS) 2.005.01-09.051001361997
      KIA MAGENTIS I (GD, MS) 2.5 V605.01-09.051241692493
      KIA RIO I Saloon (DC_) 1.308.02-02.0560821343
      KIA SEPHIA (FA) 1.8 i 16V01.95-10.97821121793
      KIA SEPHIA Saloon (FA) 1.8 i 16V01.95-10.97821121793
      KIA SPORTAGE II (JE_, KM) 2.0 16V 4WD09.04-1041411975
      KIA SPORTAGE II (JE_, KM) 2.0 i 16V09.04-1041411975
      KIA SPORTAGE II (JE_, KM) 2.7 V6 4WD09.04-1291752656
      SEAT AROSA (6H1) 1.005.97-06.043750999
      SEAT AROSA (6H1) 1.405.97-06.0444601389
      SEAT AROSA (6H1) 1.4 16V01.00-06.04741001390
      SEAT CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.0 i09.96-10.023750999
      SEAT CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.412.97-04.9940541390
      SEAT CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.4 i06.94-10.0244601389
      SEAT CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i02.93-10.0255751598
      SEAT CORDOBA (6K1, 6K2) 1.6 i05.94-06.9955751595
      SEAT CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.4 i09.96-12.0244601389
      SEAT CORDOBA Vario (6K5) 1.6 i09.96-12.0255751598
      SEAT IBIZA II (6K1) 1.0 i09.96-02.023750999
      SEAT IBIZA II (6K1) 1.412.97-04.9940541390
      SEAT IBIZA II (6K1) 1.4 i09.93-02.0244601389
      SEAT IBIZA II (6K1) 1.6 i03.93-02.0255751598
      SEAT INCA (6K9) 1.4 i11.95-06.0344601389
      SEAT INCA (6K9) 1.6 i06.97-09.0055751598
      SKODA FAVORIT (781) 1.3 (781)01.94-09.9450681289
      SKODA FAVORIT Forman (785) 1.3 (135 E)09.91-06.9540541289
      SKODA FELICIA Cube Van (6U5) 1.311.95-11.0043581289
      SKODA FELICIA Cube Van (6U5) 1.303.97-06.9850681289
      SKODA FELICIA Cube Van (6U5) 1.606.98-12.0155751598
      SKODA FELICIA I (6U1) 1.310.94-03.9840541289
      SKODA FELICIA I (6U1) 1.310.94-03.9843581289
      SKODA FELICIA I (6U1) 1.310.94-03.9850681289
      SKODA FELICIA I (6U1) 1.6 LX08.95-03.9855751598
      SKODA FELICIA I Estate (6U5) 1.308.95-03.9843581289
      SKODA FELICIA I Estate (6U5) 1.3 LX08.95-03.9840541289
      SKODA FELICIA I Estate (6U5) 1.3 LXI08.95-03.9850681289
      SKODA FELICIA I Estate (6U5) 1.6 GLX08.95-03.9855751598
      SKODA FELICIA I Pickup (6UF, 6U7) 1.310.95-04.0243581289
      SKODA FELICIA II (6U1) 1.301.98-06.0150681289
      SKODA FELICIA II (6U1) 1.301.98-06.0143581289
      SKODA FELICIA II (6U1) 1.301.98-06.0140541289
      SKODA FELICIA II (6U1) 1.601.98-06.0155751598
      SKODA FELICIA II Estate (6U5) 1.301.98-06.0150681289
      SKODA FELICIA II Estate (6U5) 1.601.98-06.0155751598
      SKODA OCTAVIA I (1U2) 1.609.96-09.0455751598
      VW (SVW) GOL (5X1) 1.602.03-12.0764871595
      VW (SVW) SANTANA Estate (331, 334) 1.808.96-07.0872981781
      VW CADDY II Box Body/MPV (9K9A) 60 1.411.95-01.0444601390
      VW CADDY II Box Body/MPV (9K9A) 75 1.611.95-09.0055751598
      VW CADDY II MPV (9K9B) 1.411.95-06.0344601390
      VW CADDY II MPV (9K9B) 1.606.97-09.0055751598
      VW CITI GOLF 1.412.99-08.0962841390
      VW GOL II 1.012.96-07.014054999
      VW GOL II 1.008.97-05.025169999
      VW GOL III 1.011.01-05.065676999
      VW GOL III 1.0 Special05.99-08.054257999
      VW GOL III 1.0 Turbo06.00-07.0482112999
      VW GOL IV 1.002.05-05.105372999
      VW GOL IV 1.0 Flex10.05-12.145271999
      VW GOL V 1.0 Álcool05.10-5169999
      VW GOL V 1.0 Flex07.08-5676999
      VW GOL V 1.607.09-741011598
      VW GOL V 1.609.09-751021598
      VW GOL V 1.6 16V Total Flex06.08-741011598
      VW GOL V 1.6 Flex07.08-771051598
      VW GOL V 1.6 Total Flex07.09-741011598
      VW GOL VI 1.0 Flex08.12-12.165676999
      VW GOL VI 1.6 Flex08.12-761041598
      VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.411.91-08.9740551390
      VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.410.91-08.9744601390
      VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.609.92-08.9755751598
      VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.811.91-08.9755751781
      VW GOLF III (1H1) 1.811.91-08.9766901781
      VW GOLF III Cabriolet (1E7) 1.807.93-05.9855751781
      VW GOLF III Cabriolet (1E7) 1.807.93-05.9866901781
      VW GOLF III Van (1H1) 1.408.91-05.9644601390
      VW GOLF III Van (1H1) 1.608.92-06.9555751598
      VW GOLF III Van (1H1) 1.808.91-07.9555751781
      VW GOLF III Van (1H1) 1.808.91-12.9766901781
      VW GOLF III Variant (1H5) 1.407.93-04.9944601390
      VW GOLF III Variant (1H5) 1.807.93-04.9955751781
      VW GOLF III Variant (1H5) 1.807.93-04.9966901781
      VW GOLF IV Cabriolet (1E7) 1.806.98-06.0255751781
      VW GOLF IV Cabriolet (1E7) 1.806.98-06.0266901781
      VW GOLF Van III Variant (1H5) 1.405.93-07.9544601390
      VW GOLF Van III Variant (1H5) 1.808.93-12.9966901781
      VW GOLF Van III Variant (1H5) 1.807.93-02.9955751781
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.010.98-05.003750997
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.009.98-07.053750999
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.410.00-07.0544601390
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.4 16V09.98-07.0555751390
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.4 16V08.99-07.05741001390
      VW LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) 1.6 GTI09.00-07.05921251598
      VW PARATI II Variant 1.008.97-09.035169999
      VW PARATI III Variant (5X5) 1.008.02-5676999
      VW PARATI III Variant (5X5) 1.008.02-82112999
      VW PARATI IV Variant (5W5) 1.412.10-61831390
      VW PASSAT B3/B4 (315, 3A5) 1.810.93-12.9655751781
      VW PASSAT B3/B4 (3A2, 35I) 1.802.88-08.9666901781
      VW PASSAT B3/B4 (3A2, 35I) 1.808.90-08.9655751781
      VW PASSAT B3/B4 Variant (3A5, 35I) 1.802.88-05.9766901781
      VW PASSAT B3/B4 Variant (3A5, 35I) 1.808.90-05.9755751781
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.010.99-09.013750999
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.410.99-09.0140541390
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.410.99-09.0144601390
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.4 16V10.99-09.0155751390
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.4 16V10.99-09.01741011390
      VW POLO (6N2) 1.6 16V GTI10.99-09.01921251598
      VW POLO III (6N1) 100 1.4 16V04.96-10.99741001390
      VW POLO III (6N1) 120 1.6 16V GTI09.98-10.99881201598
      VW POLO III (6N1) 50 1.009.96-10.993750999
      VW POLO III (6N1) 55 1.408.95-10.9940551390
      VW POLO III (6N1) 60 1.407.95-10.9944601390
      VW POLO III (6N1) 75 1.610.94-10.9955751598
      VW POLO III CLASSIC (6V2) 1.405.96-07.0262841390
      VW POLO III CLASSIC (6V2) 54 1.401.98-08.9940541390
      VW POLO III CLASSIC (6V2) 60 1.412.95-09.0144601390
      VW POLO III CLASSIC (6V2) 75 1.611.95-09.9755751595
      VW POLO III CLASSIC (6V2) 75 1.611.95-09.0155751598
      VW POLO PLAYA 1.405.96-07.0262841390
      VW POLO Van Estate Van (6V5) 1.408.97-12.9944601390
      VW POLO Van Estate Van (6V5) 1.609.97-12.9855751598
      VW POLO Variant (6V5) 1.412.98-09.0140541390
      VW POLO Variant (6V5) 1.405.97-09.0144601390
      VW POLO Variant (6V5) 1.605.97-09.0155751598
      VW SAVEIRO V (5U8, 5U9) 1.609.09-741011598
      VW SAVEIRO V (5U8, 5U9) 1.6 Cross Flex09.09-761031598
      VW SAVEIRO V (5U8, 5U9) 1.6 Total Flex09.09-741011598
      VW SAVEIRO VI (5UA, 5UB, 5UC) 1.6 Total Flex01.14-10.16761041598
      VW VENTO (1H2) 1.411.91-09.9844601390
      VW VENTO (1H2) 1.411.91-09.9840551390
      VW VENTO (1H2) 1.609.92-09.9855751598
      VW VENTO (1H2) 1.811.91-09.9855751781
      VW VENTO (1H2) 1.811.91-09.9866901781
      VW VENTO (1H2) 2.8 VR601.92-09.981281742792
      VW VOYAGE (5U4, 5U2, 5U6, 5UG) 1.0 Flex07.08-5676999
      VW VOYAGE (5U4, 5U2, 5U6, 5UG) 1.607.08-01.14741011598
      VW VOYAGE (5U4, 5U2, 5U6, 5UG) 1.6 Flex02.08-761041598
      VW VOYAGE (5U4, 5U2, 5U6, 5UG) 1.6 Flex10.08-741011598
      ZOTYE 5008 1.509.08-12.13781061488
      ZOTYE HUNTER 1.501.10-781061488

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      BOSCH 0280142310

      Solenoid Purge Valve 

      0280142313 ,13901465030 ,6U0133517A ,9003836 ,28910-22030 ,28910-22040 ,0K01B-18741 ,377906291 ,051133517 ,1101100B3 ,471Q-1L-1207801 ,


      Made in GERMANY

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