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      PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 EGR Valve PARTSBOS
      • PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 EGR Valve PARTSBOS
      • PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 EGR Valve PARTSBOS
      • PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 EGR Valve PARTSBOS

      PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0

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      EGR Valve

      30774848 ,36000997 ,

      for VOLVO

      Made in GERMANY

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      • Superseded Part Number: 700555060
      • Fits for Vehicles: VOLVO

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      Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR)



      An EGR, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is a means of reducing NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions from your engine.
      The EGR valve, as its name suggests, re-circulates exhaust gases to act as a coolant in the combustion chambers.
      Over time EGR valves become sticky and will eventually seize open or closed. If seized open the engine may idle poorly or even stall.
      If seized closed the engine will operate at increased temperatures under load and may cause "engine knock".
      This is especially bad for turbocharged vehicles, as the increased exhaust gas temperature can lead to premature failure of the turbocharger also.



      Terminals: 4 
      Type: Electric 
      With gaskets / seals 


      Analogous, Fully interchangeable with PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 :   

      VOLVO 30743863 ,30774446 ,30774848 ,36000997 ,36050570 ,
      ERA 555270 ,
      FISPA 83.939 ,
      HOFFER 7518212 ,
      LUCAS LEV0233 ,
      MEAT & DORIA 88212 ,
      METZGER 0892173 ,
      Parts BOS P49020 ,
      PIERBURG 700555060 ,7.00555.06 ,
      SMPE/INTERMOTOR 14474 ,
      VEMO V95-63-0003 ,

      !!! Please, check manufacturer's part number(usually stamped into plastic or body) before ordering !!!

      The best way to buy this part is to get the number from your existing unit.
      You can contact us with your car details (make, model, year, body type, hp, engine code if known) so we can find the part required.
      Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above.
      If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us .


      PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0 

      EGR Valve ,Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve ,
      AGR-Ventil ,Abgasrückführventil ,
      Vanne AGR ,Exhaust Gas vanne de recirculation ,
      Valvola EGR ,Valvola ricircolo gas scarico-EGR ,
      Válvula de recirculação dos gases de escape ,
      EGR comhlacomhla gáis sceite athfhillte,
      Válvula AGR ,Válvula EGR ,
      EGR-ventil ,
      Venttiili, pakokaasun kierrätys ,
      Uitlaatgasregelingsklep ,
      Eksosreturventil ,
      EGR ventilrecirkulacija ispušnih plinova ventila,
      EGR ventiluventil recirkulace výfukových plynů,
      EGR-klep, uitlaatgasrecirculatieklep,
      Heitgaasitagastus valve,
      EGR vārsts, izplūdes gāzu recirkulācija vārsts,
      EGR vožtuvas, Išmetamųjų dujų recirkuliacija vožtuvas,
      EGR szelepkipufogógáz-visszavezető szelep,
      EGR ventilu, ventil recirkulácie výfukových plynov,
      EGR ventilrecirkulacijo izpušnih plinov ventil,
      EGR Valveendurnýting útblásturslofts loki,
      EGR Valvekatup buang resirkulasi gas,
      EGR Valve, valv riċirkolazzjoni tal-gass exhaust,
      Zawór EGR, zawór recyrkulacji spalin,
      Valve EGRsupapa de recirculare a gazelor de evacuare,
      EGR ValveEgzoz gazı devridaim vanası,
      EGR Falffalf ailgylchredeg nwy Exhaust,
      EGR 밸브배기 가스 재순환 밸브,
      EGR วาล์วไอเสียวาล์วหมุนเวียน,
      EGR βαλβίδα, βαλβίδα ανακύκλωσης καυσαερίων,
      EGR שסתוםשסתום מחזור גזי פליטה,
      עגר וואַלוו, ויסמאַטערן גאַז רעסירקולאַטיאָן וואַלוו,
      Клапан рециркуляції відпрацьованих газіврециркуляції відпрацьованих газів Клапан,
      EGR вентилвентил за рециркулација на издувните гасови,
      ЕГР вентилРециркулација издувних гасова вентил,
      EGR клапанирециркулация на отработилите газове клапан,
      Клапан рециркуляции отработавших газоврециркуляции отработавших газов Клапан,

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      3 Items

      Data sheet

      Manufacturer Part Number
      Superseded Part Number
      Other Part Number
      83.939 ,7518212 ,LEV0233 ,0892173 ,V95-63-0003
      Type: Electric ,With gaskets / seals
      Fits for Vehicles
      Number of Connectors
      Brand Type
      Aftermarket Branded
      Country/Region of Manufacture

      Specific References


      VOLVO C30 (533) D510.06-12.121321802400
      VOLVO C30 (533) D510.06-12.121201632400
      VOLVO C70 II Convertible (542) 2.4 D03.07-06.131201632400
      VOLVO C70 II Convertible (542) D503.06-06.131321802400
      VOLVO S40 II (544) 2.4 CDI03.07-12.101201632400
      VOLVO S40 II (544) 2.4 D503.06-12.101321792400
      VOLVO S60 I (384) 2.4 D03.05-04.10931262400
      VOLVO S60 I (384) 2.4 D05.05-12.06901222401
      VOLVO S60 I (384) 2.4 D07.05-12.091201632400
      VOLVO S60 I (384) 2.4 D503.05-04.101361852401
      VOLVO S80 II (124) 2.4 D03.06-03.111201632400
      VOLVO S80 II (124) D503.06-08.091361852400
      VOLVO S80 II (124) D5 AWD01.07-05.091361852400
      VOLVO V50 (545) 2.4 D503.06-12.101321792400
      VOLVO V50 (545) 2.4 Tdi05.07-12.101201632400
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 CDI07.05-12.08901222401
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 D04.05-12.08931262400
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 D504.05-12.081361852401
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 D501.01-12.081201632401
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 D5 AWD05.05-08.071361852401
      VOLVO V70 II (285) 2.4 D5 AWD07.02-08.071201632401
      VOLVO V70 III (135) 2.4 D04.07-12.101201632400
      VOLVO V70 III (135) D504.07-12.091361852400
      VOLVO V70 III (135) D5 AWD04.07-12.091361852401
      VOLVO XC60 I SUV (156) 2.4 D / D3 / D4 AWD05.08-02.171201632400
      VOLVO XC60 I SUV (156) D5 AWD05.08-12.091361852400
      VOLVO XC70 CROSS COUNTRY I (295) 2.4 D5 AWD12.05-08.071361852401
      VOLVO XC70 II (136) 2.4 D / D4 AWD08.07-04.161201632400
      VOLVO XC70 II (136) D5 AWD04.07-12.091361852400
      VOLVO XC90 I (275) D3 / D504.09-12.141201632400
      VOLVO XC90 I (275) D5 AWD04.05-12.101361852401
      VOLVO XC90 I (275) D5 AWD10.07-12.101201632400
      VOLVO XC90 I (275) D5 AWD01.11-12.141472002400
      VOLVO XC90 I (275) D5 AWD11.13-09.141552112400

      ​May fits for other, not listed, Vehicles-Models


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      PIERBURG 7.00555.06.0

      EGR Valve

      30774848 ,36000997 ,

      for VOLVO

      Made in GERMANY

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